Certified Autism Travel Professional

IBCCES’s mission is to make as extensive a network as possible of trained and trusted travel destinations that families with individuals with autism and other sensory disorders can trust with their vacation plans.

We also have a program that trains and certifies travel agents so that they know how to properly assist these families in the planning process for a vacation that includes an individual with autism or another sensory disorder.

Families with individuals on the autism spectrum want to travel, but are often very hesitant to do so due to concerns about people not understanding the needs of autism or out of fear of not having the proper resources available.

IBCCES works with both travel agents and travel destinations to promote understanding of the concerns that individuals with autism have so that families can travel with confidence that their needs will be understood and not overlooked.

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Written By Paul Graham

Thank you for dropping by our website and exploring our blog. Delving into travel destinations and uncovering their exciting offerings is a passion of mine. Holding certifications as a Travel Associate (CTA), Cruise Counsellor (CCC), and Autism Travel Professional (CATP), I'm dedicated to tailoring journeys to diverse needs. In 2018, I established Wish List Travel, driven by a mission to craft unforgettable travel experiences. With a BA in History, I approach each destination with a deep appreciation for its cultural significance. Through our blog, I share insights, tips, and recommendations to ignite your wanderlust and transform travel dreams into reality. Whether it's uncovering hidden gems, savoring local cuisine, or embarking on thrilling adventures, join me on this voyage of discovery. Let's turn your travel Wishlist into memories, one destination at a time!