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Why not take a tour of Atlantis?

Whether or not “Atlantis” is a real place, the myth might have some basis in fact. Because there’s a Greek island, Santorini, that, due to a cataclysmic event around 1500 BCE, literally sunk – in a large part – into the sea. 

But there’s a lot of Santorini that’s still above water! And on this beautiful island, not only are you going to find charming whitewashed houses, and picturesque villages, but you’ll also experience hilltop views of unforgettable sunsets, crystal waters just begging you to jump into them, and delicious dining that won’t be outdone. 

Here are just some of the things you have to do there: 

Get lost in the quaint town of Oia. The northern edge of the caldera contains a town carved into the rock. Santorini’s most picturesque town, Oia’s narrow, spectacular streets will have you constantly pulling out your camera. Spend a good chunk of your day wandering the alleys here. Or stay overnight – somewhere like the Canaves Oia luxury boutique hotel, where you can swim in a beautiful pool while staring out across the Aegean Sea.


Take a winery tour. Santorini produces some of Greece’s best wines, such as Assyrtiko, Nykteri, and Vinsanto. The volcanic soil gives the grapes a special flavour, added to the skill of the viticulture, developed over millennia. Explore a place like Santo Wines Winery, near Pyrgos Village, which offers tours as well as tastings, with breathtaking views to the caldera. Or join a small group tour that brings you to many of the island’s wineries – with a tasting at each! 


Swim at a red sand beach. Maybe you’ve heard of black sand beaches, but did you know that you can also find red? On Santorini, that’s a possibility. The best red sand beach on the island is at Akrotiri, accessible either by boat, or via an easy footpath. Where the sand – as well as the rock of the cliffs – is a dazzling red. Whether you want to jump into the water, or just sunbathe on the red beach, this is definitely a special experience. 


Take a cruise of the caldera at sunset. The island of Santorini is circular, roughly, with a large bay – or “caldera” – inside. This is due to the cataclysm that happened some 3500 years ago, and may have sunk “Atlantis”. But, these days, the volcano is quiet, and the ocean has rushed in to claim the abandoned land. Taking a cruise here is incredible – and taking a cruise here at sunset will leave vivid memories etched into your soul. It’s absolutely one of the must-do things on Santorini! 


Take a tour of the volcano itself. Obviously, the island’s volcanic. Which means it must have a volcano! Well, it does – but due to the past eruption, it’s actually on its own island in the caldera’s centre! Still, it’s possible to take a tour. And well worth it. Boats leave from Athinios Port (Santorini’s main port), the Old Port in Fira, and Ammoudi Bay in Oia, and tours take you to several stops on the central island. Yes, it will involve hiking in the heat. But, yes, it will be worth it!

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Our top ten things to do in Dubai

In this latest edition of Paul’s Picks, I’m featuring Dubai.

As always in my Top 10 lists, you will find links to information about the things to do, see, and eat in each location. I started doing lists in college to help me learn and study easier so that’s why I use them when I’m helping people learn about all the great things they can do when they travel.

Where do I get my information? It’s a mix of studying for certifications, personal experience, research, or client recommendations.

Have something more that people should know about this location? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Shopping

” Dubai is a shopper’s dream and with multitude of malls boasting fun attractions, there’ much to explore”

2. Ski

“Snow peaks, Chairlifts and penguins in the middle of an Arabian desert. Might sound like a wild midnight dream? But yes, with Ski Dubai its a reality today. A huge resort spread over 22,500sq meters located in Dubai, makes ice skiing actuality in the middle of the fiery sun.”

 3. Beaches

“Dubai is renowned for its towering desert metropolis, where you’ll find extravagant hotels, Michelin-star dining, first-class shopping and world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. But, as one of the Middle East’s premier beach destinations, it is also a fantastic place for those wanting sun and sea.”

4. Global Village

“The Global Village is a sensational shopping spectacle and a seasonal attraction that happens every year, during the winter months of the city of Dubai. As a shopping extravaganza, this annual event features more than twenty five international pavilions, each showcasing a particular country’s products and culture.”

 5. Al Marmoom Camel Race Track

“A few decades ago, Dubai was nothing but a fishing and pearling town along the creek. Life was tough in this harsh desert. They reared sheep and goats for food and wool. Wool was a necessity during winters. They used falcons for hunting and horses for wars. But above all, one animal became an integral part of their daily life. If not for these beasts, it would have been impossible for them to survive the desert. I am talking about the camel — the ship of the desert.”

6.  Al Fahihi Historical Neighborhood

“Dubai is known for its beautiful modern architecture.  Yet permanent structures are relatively new to the region. Historically most of the Arabs who lived here were nomadic and did not leave behind physical monuments or buildings.  As such, older regions of Dubai are quite limited.”

 7. Queen Elizabeth 2

“Dubai offers a host of experiences that cater to your every mood, however this time around there’s a much more promising addition that ensures to be the highlight of your trip. Docked permanently at Dubai’s Mina Rashid, Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) stands refurbished and ready to welcome in a sea of eager visitors. Whether you wish to dine with a backdrop of the pristine ocean and the expansive Dubai skyline, or you’d rather prefer lounging in one of her opulent suites — there’s no reason why you should hold back from indulging in QE2 Dubai’s top notch luxury. Skim through her valiant battles, historic milestones and embark on a unique cultural journey aboard the QE2 Dubai.”

 8. Dubai Fountain

“The deserts of the Middle East have long been a setting for regional folklore that has wooed the world. It is still wondrous as to how an urban haven can develop in the middle of the barren land in a matter of decades. Landmarks from the desert city have now made their way to the “best” lists of the world. The Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, World Island, Marina Walk are all common entries in global bucket lists. One of the greatest and most frequently videographed attractions in Dubai is the Dubai Fountain Show. This performing fountain has set a standard in its field since its inception and it stands today, as famous as the Las Vegas’s Bellagio Fountains.”

 9. Etihad Museum

“After experiencing the glam and glitz of the United Arab Emirates, ever wondered about the humble beginnings of the bedouin country? There is no better place than the Etihad Museum to delve into the past. Situated in Jumeirah, Dubai the Etihad Museum is a spectacle offering a series of interactive pavilions and cultural offerings of the United Arab Emirates contemporary history. Through a panoply of photos, films and original documents, one can witness the evolution of the United Arab Emirates at the Etihad Museum and walk out better enlightened.”

10. Jumeirah Mosque

“The most iconic landmark in Dubai is the Jumeirah Mosque. The mosque welcomes visitors of all faiths to admire the surroundings and learn about Islam and the local culture with “open doors, open minds” idealogy.”

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UNESCO tour, anyone?

Greece has a lot of UNESCO world heritage sites – far more than you might expect for a nation of only 130,000 square kilometres. Touring the country, one is never far from a site of world heritage – and truly world heritage, because the ideas that came out of Greece have expanded into something that’s truly global. 

Greece has 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with 14 more awaiting official nomination. In other words, if you want to know the history of the whole world – particularly, the civilisation that’s enveloped it – start here. 

Every Greek tourist knows about the Acropolis in Athens. Many may have heard of Delphi, or the ancient-ancient city of Mycenae. We’re going to take an up-close look into some of the less-known ones: 

Sanctuary of Asklepius at Epidaurus: this site was famous throughout ancient times as a healing centre. It was believed that a god had been born here. Patients would sleep in a special dormitory, and then recount their dreams to a priest, who would suggest a method of healing. Epidaurus is also home to an ancient theatre – the best preserved in modern Greece – with such good acoustics that, if you stand in the centre and speak, people sitting anywhere in the stands can clearly hear you.


Meteora: on sheer rocks that seem to rise from the forest below, seemingly built, or placed there by God, monks in the 13th century constructed a whole host of monasteries. Today, six of the original twenty-four are still open, and provide a breathtaking introduction to medieval Greek culture. 


Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki: Located in the far north of Greece, the city of Thessaloniki was the second-most-important centre of the Byzantine empire. Immerse yourself in the history here, and discover a period when this part of Greece was very connected to Eastern Europe and Turkey, all joined under one of the most powerful empires of the modern age. 


Old Town of Corfu: the most recently-added Greek UNESCO site (in 2007), The old town of Corfu blends the architectural style of the Greek islands with that of Venice. It has large two- or three-storey buildings, and the second largest square in Europe (after Venice’s Piazza San Marco) – Spianada Square. 


Monastery of Saint John and Cave of Apocalypse in Patmos: this is where – according to tradition – Saint John the Theologian was inspired to write the Book of Revelation (the last book of the Bible). It remains an important Christian pilgrimage site, as does the entire island of Patmos. The main city, Chora, is extremely picturesque and home to this 10th century monastery, which stands on a hill in the middle of the city. 


Delos: the island where the god Apollo was born, according to mythology. It was long a pilgrimage centre of the ancients. Close to Mykonos (and easy to get to from there), the entire island is uninhabited and has become an open-air museum.




The enchanting Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa sits on the Pacific coast in Huatulco – a sustainable tourism destination recognized for its commitment to the local environment. Beautifully secluded on the Conejos Bay, guests at Secrets Huatulco are treated to divine views of golden sand beaches, stunning rock formations and sapphire waters. Exclusive Unlimited-Luxury® amenities start with pool and beach wait service, concierge service and 24-hour room service*. While 399 gorgeous non-smoking suites offer a welcome cocktail and cool towel, daily refreshed mini-bar, spectacular views, plus a furnished balcony, terrace whirlpool, or swim-out pool access. Experience the height of luxury with a Preferred Club suite complete with a pillow menu, private concierge at the Preferred Club Lounge (from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.) and more. Savor in a variety of restaurants offering limitless gourmet dining and delight in top-shelf spirits at several bars and lounges. 24-hour dining options allow guests to enjoy late night bites at Coco Café. Or stay in and order room service. It’s all available at any hour day or night. Guests can even spend a night out with the Sip, Savor & See Dining Experience at the nearby Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa, to enjoy more fine dining and entertainment. Take part in daily activities and nightly entertainment, or a pampering treatment at the Secrets Spa by Pevonia®. Indulgences continue with wedding, honeymoon and anniversary packages, as well as exceptional business facilities where attention to detail is key. It’s all this and more. *Temporarily available with limited hours from 7am-11pm

Open-Air Lobby


Take a dip into our 2 expansive Infinity Pools and relax your body in our outdoor whirlpool. All of the pools contain chlorine.

Aerial View of the Pools


Offering 7 bars & lounges, serving premium international and domestic brands and top-shelf spirits. Open on a rotational
basis upon occupancy levels. Also on-site is an award-winning Wine Cellar and a traditional Mexican-inspired Mezcaleria.

Sugar Reef – Outdoor Bar


Guests may choose from nine dining options: six à la carte gourmet restaurants, a grill, a café and a buffet venue. Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan items available upon request. 24-hour dining options allow guests to enjoy late night bites at Coco Café. Or stay in and order room service. It’s all available at any hour day or night. Number of restaurants open for each meal is dependent upon occupancy levels. All restaurant openings rotate throughout the week. All restaurants are non-smoking; reservations are not required

Oceana – Fresh Seafood


INDOOR/OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES • Beach volleyball • Billiards • Live musical performances and shows • Movies under stars • Ping-pong • Theme nights and parties • Two tennis courts • Weekly Manager’s cocktail party • Yoga and fitness classes


WATER SPORTS • Catamaran • Jet skis* (seasonal) • Kayaks • Paddle boarding • Pool volleyball • Scuba diving* • Snorkeling • Sport fishing* • Water aerobics *Additional costs may apply


Limitless access to gourmet à la carte dining options without reservations required • Unlimited international and domestic top-shelf spirits • Unlimited natural fruit juices and soft drinks • 24-hour room* and concierge services • Pool and beach wait service • Daily refreshed mini-bar with soft drinks, juice, bottled water and beer • Daily maid service • Endless daytime activities and live nightly entertainment • Theme parties, oceanfront bars and entertainment venues • No wristbands required • All taxes and gratuities • Enjoy free Wi-Fi • At Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa, experience a traditional Temazcal ceremony Unlimited-Luxury® for all-adult romance. *Temporarily available with limited hours from 7am-11pm

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The top five reasons to go to Cancún (besides the obvious one!)

Okay, you don’t really need five reasons to go to Cancún. One should suffice: the beach in this city, if you’ve ever seen photos of it! But here are five reasons more that you should be packing your bags and setting out on a trip to the glorious Mexican Caribbean: 

1. Check out – or, better yet, check into – the Moon Palace: one of the region’s top ten beach resorts, and all-inclusive to boot. Swimming pools? How about ten. Places to eat? The resort has a good twenty. Golf? Check. Spas? There are several. When you come to Cancún, you’re going to be at a premiere spot right on the Caribbean ocean. So let yourself get pampered a little! 


2. If you’re at all into ancient history, one of the best sites – and by far less crowded than the more well-known Chichen Itza – is Tulum, an easy day trip from the tip of the peninsula. You can wander these wonderful ruins alone or with a guide. (But if you actually want to learn anything about the ancients who built it, you’ll need a guide!) On the stone, iguanas pose so that you can take selfies. Overall, it’s an appropriate place on the shores of the Caribbean: relaxed.


3. Right off the coast from Cancún, the Isla Mujeres isn’t only for women. (And that’s despite the name meaning “women’s island” in Spanish!) Here you can enjoy the relaxed vibe of a Caribbean, while keeping the skyline of the city in sight. Spend a relaxing afternoon at the beach, between two of the best meals you’ll eat in Cancún. This island is renowned for its food, and you’ll find everything – from superb Italian and French flavours to wonderful, local Mayan and Yucatecan cuisine.


4. While the Tulum ruins are right on the beach, the ruins of Cobá are tucked away in the jungle. However, they are well worth the extra effort to get to. At Cobá, you’re allowed to climb one of the ancient Mayan pyramids, and get the reward of a spectacular vista across the Yucatán jungle. Furthermore, you’ll be enveloped by the feeling of authenticity: these ruins today are as surrounded by the ever-encroaching forest as they must have been ages ago. Cobá is a must-see – and the drive from Cancún is less than two hours! 


5. Tired of beaches and ruins? Then it’s time to hit the clubs! The best club in Cancún, by far, is Coco Bongo – a huge dance club with a thousand incredible acts, any one of which will make you forget that you’re not in Las Vegas! Tickets come with unlimited drinks, and the club stays open well past the USA’s mandated closing time for such establishments. Dance the night away




In a perfect blend of luxury and excitement, Secrets Aura Cozumel is the ultimate adults-only, all-suite resort located on the island of Cozumel. Sitting just 12 miles off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Secrets Aura has it all. Bask in a world of Unlimited-Luxury® while staying in one of 266 contemporary, stylish non-smoking suites complete with private terraces or swim-up access, stunning views, 24-hour room service, daily refreshed mini-bar and more. For added luxury, guests can upgrade to the Preferred Club and enjoy additional amenities and inclusions. The experience continues with limitless gourmet dining at gourmet restaurants plus 24-hour dining options allow guests to devour late night bites at the Coco Café or stay in and order room service all without reservations and top-shelf spirits at three bars and lounges throughout the resort. Light up the night with live nightly entertainment and activities. Or enjoy land and water sports, three sparkling pools, live entertainment with pool and beach wait service throughout the day. Dive into the Caribbean at nearby world-renowned dive sites; explore the natural wonders of the second largest coral reef system in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Learn to dive deep with the help of the full-service, on-site dive operator, Dive House. Indulge in specialty treatments at the Secrets Spa by Pevonia®, located right next door at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel, the most complete spa on the island, or simply spend time with the ones you love.

Plaza Area


Take a dip into our 3 shimmering main pools. Tread water in the expansive Infinity Ocean View Pool and the calm Relax Pool. Do not forget to grab a drink in the Manatees Swim-Up Bar Pool. Preferred Club guests have exclusive access to the private Preferred Club Pool with the Preferred Club Swim-Up Bar. All the pools contain chlorine. Guests can also soothe their bodies in our outdoor whirlpool

Pool Bar


Secrets Aura Cozumel offers 8 dining options: 4 à la carte restaurants, an international buffet, a grill, a café and a private wine cellar. No reservations required. All restaurants openings rotate throughout the week. 24-hour dining options allow guests to enjoy late night bites at Coco Café or guests can stay in and order room service. It’s all available at any hour day or night.

Gohan – Sushi Bar


Offering 5 bars and lounges, serving international and domestic top-shelf spirits, ranging from swim-up to a nightly music lounge.

Sky Bar – Rooftop Bar


INDOOR/OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES • Beach volleyball • Hard tennis court • Ping-pong • Basketball • Golf nearby* WATER SPORTS • Aqua aerobics • Water volleyball • Catamaran • Kayaks • Non-motorized water sports • Scuba diving operated by Dive House* • Snorkeling • Paddle boarding (reservations can be made with the Entertainment Team)

Water Slide

The Unlimited-Luxury®

experience includes: · Limitless access to gourmet à la carte dining options without reservations required · Unlimited international and domestic top-shelf spirits · Unlimited natural fruit juices and soft drinks · 24-hour room and concierge services · Pool and beach wait service · Daily refreshed mini-bar with soft drinks, juice, bottled water and beer · Daily maid service · Endless daytime activities and live nightly entertainment · Theme parties, oceanfront bars and entertainment venues · No wristbands required · All taxes and gratuities · Enjoy free Wi-Fi

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8 Best Places to Visit in the USA

It is so hard to decide which places in America deserve to be called the best. There are plenty of diverse destinations, and each one holds amazing beauty, capable enough to take your breath away. Use the following list to plan your vacation, that will make your visit to USA worth it –

  • New York City: New York is always a whirlwind of activity, choose to visit Metropolis Museum, enjoy a Broadway Show or gorge on New-York style pizza!
  • San Francisco: San Francisco serves authentic regional cuisine catering to diverse ethnic groups. Don’t forget, sturdy shoes and sunscreen while on an exploration!
  • New Orleans: The city’s rich jazz, rock’n’ roll scenes, gumbo to beginners to po’boys eateries accompanied with amazing sights gives New Orleans a distinct personality!
  • Chicago: Chicago has all the offerings you’d expect. Just save time for some of the city’s quintessential experiences in history, culture and cuisine.
  • Key West: From lounging to snorkeling, deep-sea fishing to sailing, rich history and a pretty coastline, Key West features a lively Duval street that adds variety.
  • Miami: Travel to South Florida for vibrant nightlife scenes by the Miami Beach that adds to your adventure and exciting exploration.
  • Washington, D.C.: The nation’s capital features iconic landmarks and a plethora of Smithsonian museums. Complete your visit by checking out the lively bar scenes.
  • Boston: One of the oldest cities, Boston is very walkable, making many of the must-visit attractions best seen on foot.

So, hurry up and pack your bags to explore these top 8 amazing places in the States. DM us for best deals!


Our top ten Major Events to do in Australia

In this latest edition of Paul’s Picks, I am featuring Australia.

As always in my Top 10 lists, you will find links to information about the things to do, see, and eat in each location. I started doing lists in college to help me learn and study easier so that’s why I use them when I’m helping people learn about all the great things they can do when they travel.

Where do I get my information? It’s a mix of studying for certifications, personal experience, research, or client recommendations.

Have something more that people should know about this location? Add your thoughts in the comments below.


“It’s one of the biggest and brightest ocean races in the world, and is an iconic Australian event that attracts huge interest locally and afar thanks to comprehensive media coverage. Everyone from weekend racers through to huge maxi yachts will compete in the competition, which kicks off on December 26 in Sydney Harbour’s Neilsen Park. The fleet will travel 628 nautical miles before finishing up in Hobart’s Derwent River.”


“Fasten your seatbelts as this is sure to be one hell of a ride! This weekend sees the Australian International Airshow 2017 open its gates for a thirteenth time at Avalon, showcasing unrivalled power, precision and the latest in aviation and military heavy metal.”


“Fashion and Mardi Gras go hand-in-hand, so in the words of Madonna, express yourself. Cover yourself in glitter and body paint and be just as colorful with your outfits. But keep in mind that there will be a lot of people and it is the middle of summer, so make sure you are comfortable and wearing something breathable. You don’t want to spend all night being bothered by your outfit.”


“Vivid Sydney is brightening up your winter nights and setting your Instagram feed alight. Vivid Sydney is certainly impressive in person whether you’re visiting from nearby or afar. It’s also one of the most snap worthy events of the year.

From a 16m tall mega-bot to a shimmering field of fireflies, here are ten light installations that will have your friends and followers ooh-ing and ahh-ing, wishing they were doing Vivid Sydney with you.”


“Indulge your senses, and your tastebuds, over ten days as you encounter award-winning wines, long lunches and dinners, and some of the country’s most avant-garde culinary creations at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.”


“It’s time to get your giggle on because the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

With over 630 shows from Australia and around the world, the festival is the third largest in the world, behind the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Montreal’s Just for Laughs.

Whether you want to see local favorites like Lano and Woodley Fly back to the stage, International headlines such as James Vietch (known for the Scamalot videos on Mashable), or support newcomers new to the stage, like YouTube star Alex Williamson in So Wrong, It’s Wrong; there’s bound to be something that will tickle every type of funny bone, including plenty of shows for kids at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!”




“The Christmas craziness and New Year’s frenzy have finally come to a close – the ’20s are here (again)! Sydney Festival is back and better than ever, so get ready to kick off the decade with a little bit of  art, music, dance and so much more. There’s reallysomething for everyone, no matter where you are in Sydney.”


“Dubbed ‘Australia’s Greatest Global Sporting Event’ the Australian Open brings the world’s Tennis elite Down Under, in the first of four Grand Slam tennis events for the year.

First held in 1905 the event, known then as the Australasian Championships, was seldom entered by foreign players at the start of the 20th century.

Today it is a multinational competition showcasing the best talent in tennis from across the globe.”


“Hamilton Island Race Week is one of Australia’s favourite yachting events and a firm fixture on the international sailing calendar. Competitors, family and friends come together to enjoy the convivial atmosphere and unique camaraderie of the event’s on-water and off-water carnival. Every August, spectators and yachties from around the globe sail to Hamilton Island for Hamilton Island Race Week – Australia’s largest offshore keelboat regatta.”


Make each day in the Maldives a delight for your taste buds!

There are many reasons to go to the Maldives. The turquoise waters, coming in
colours that you didn’t know even existed. The fun and thrills of your life on a
jet-ski or a “flyboard”. The pleasure of sleeping in an overwater house, lounging in
an infinity pool and soaking in the endless blue of the water and sky. The buildings
built centuries ago out of interlocking blocks of coral.

But what you may not have known is that the food of this small island nation – a
mix of countless imported cuisines, with its own tropical flair, fresh and exquisite
ingredients prepared by world-class, and sometimes celebrity, chefs – is as much a
reason to come as the scuba diving opportunities here. The Maldives is a foodie’s
heaven. So let’s find out why:

Manta Ray Treehouse
Did you expect luxury dining up in the trees? Only at the Maldives! Come to Joali
Maldives, on Muravandhoo Island, and feast on local favorites such as tuna with
chilli and lime, fish curry, and native lobster.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa
Fancy some ethnic dining? Then head to the north of Malé Island, where you can
eat food inspired by the staples of the South Indian state of Kerala, hundreds of
kilometres east over the ocean.The excellent chefs meld Indian flavors into local
seafood, and their thalis offer a wide variety of options. If you’re in the Maldives,
it’s not something to miss.

White Orchid Restaurant,
Or maybe you fancy Chinese food. Then join chef JA Manafaru, and order
staples like wok-tossed spicy Maldivian lobster, or the “Maldives seafood hot
pot” – a wonderful blend of local and imported flavours.

So Hands On
Located on the island of Soneva Fushi, where celebrities such as Madonna and
Paul McCartney are known to frequent, this private, eight-person sushi dining
space is managed by the three-Michelin-star Japanese chef Kenji Gyoten. And –
as you might imagine – the food is unforgettable.

Shades of Green
This is – as you might guess from the name – a superb, plant-based hub in the
Maldives. Located on the same island – and in the same resort – as So Hands On,
it starts out with a sample of the produce grown right on the island itself. And it
only gets better. After you’ve eaten here, you won’t miss milk or meat, even if
you’re an omnivore!

● Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
Yes, in the Maldives you can bring delight to your taste buds even from under the
water! On Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, you’ll find this most unique
restaurant, where the walls are literally a window to the delights of the ocean.
When this opened in 2005, it was the first, and only, undersea restaurant in the
world! And the food is delicious – so much so that you might forget your unusual
setting, enraptured as your stomach becomes!




Located on the Dominican Republic’s northeastern coast, wrapped between nature and ocean, lies the newest Now Resort & Spa – Now Onyx Punta Cana. Families with teens and tweens as well as couples and friends looking for a family-friendly vacation on a palm-studded beach will find Now Onyx is the perfect choice. 822 suites provide luxurious amenities including a whirlpool on every suite’s private, furnished terrace or balcony, free Wi-Fi, a daily refreshed minibar and 24-hour room service. Guests staying in the Preferred Club will receive preferential status and amenities, exclusive access to two private lounges and two private pools and more. Our new family section includes spacious accommodations, a family fun pool with water slides and a lazy river, 3 new restaurants, a new Core Zone Teen’s Club, new Explorer’s Club for kids and additional incredible amenities for the whole family. Plus, connecting rooms are available – perfect for multigenerational travel, family reunions, a wedding or a social group getaway. Included in the Unlimited-Luxury® experience at Now Onyx, adult guests have complete access to everything next door at Breathless Punta Cana. Guests of Now Onyx can also enjoy limitless access to gourmet à la carte dining options without reservations required at six à la carte restaurants, a buffet, café, a grill on the beach, an ice cream parlor and a burger place. Unlimited international and domestic premium spirits are served at eleven bars and lounges. Guests can also enjoy dining and nightlife through the Sip, Savor & See program at the nearby Dreams, Now and Sunscape Resorts & Spas. Active and lively settings provide activities and entertainment for guests of all ages, including kids, teens and tweens with the supervised Explorer’s Club for Kids with Red Cross certified staff and Core Zone Teen’s Club. Guests can cool off in six swimming pools including an infinity pool, a children’s pool, a new family fun pool with waterslides and a saltwater pool. When the sun goes down, there are big screen movies on the beach and live nightly entertainment at the open-air theater. Guests of Now Onyx will enjoy a family-friendly, modern vacation experience, where play and party are just steps away from peace and quiet.



Offering eleven bars and lounges serving unlimited premium international and domestic brand beverages. Plus, adult guests have access to an additional seven bars at Breathless Punta Cana next door.



Now Onyx offers six swimming pools on property including two pools for Preferred Club guests only and a new Family Fun pool. Additionally, guests 18 years or older have access to five pools at Breathless Punta Cana next door (excludes xhale Club areas).



Now Onyx Punta Cana is offering eleven gourmet dining options including six à la carte restaurants, a buffet, café, grill on the beach, ice cream parlor and a burger place. Adults have access to an additional eleven dining options at Breathless Punta Cana next door. All restaurants openings rotate throughout the week. Number of restaurants open depends upon occupancy level. No reservations are required



ACTIVITIES/ENTERTAINMENT INDOOR/OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES · 2 tennis courts · Paddle court · Beach volleyball · Pool tables · Aerobics & water aerobics · Dance classes · Spanish classes · Non-motorized water sports · Snorkeling · Water slides · Lazy River · Introductory scuba diving lesson in the pool · Sailing · Scuba diving* · Kayaks · Golf nearby* · Tennis clinics* · Fishing* · Helicopter for excursion*



Unlimited-Luxury® where everything is included: · Limitless access to gourmet à la carte dining options without reservations required · Unlimited international and domestic top-shelf spirits · Unlimited natural fruit juices and soft drinks · 24-hour room and concierge services · Pool and beach wait service · Daily refreshed mini-bar with soft drinks, juice, bottled water and beer · Daily maid service · Endless daytime activities and live nightly entertainment · Theme parties, oceanfront bars and entertainment venues · No wristbands required · All taxes and gratuities Unlimited-Luxury® for reconnecting every generation.

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