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Things to do in the UK post-COVID

Guest Post by Kritika Panse

With precautions and safety measures in place, the UK has given international visitors a green light to enter its region. As the cities and countryside slowly reopen for tourism, great expectations surround the upcoming seasons. The time has come to make up for the lost time and start your wanderlust bucket list, and the UK appears to be the perfect venue to break free from the pandemic slump. In the UK post-Covid-19 holiday plan, here’s what you should see in this European destination.

Explore the Holiday Season in London

With a UK tourist visa in hand, anyone planning to visit the capital of England, London, should not miss out on this opportunity. The holiday season is in full swing, and Christmas is just around the corner. If you happen to be in the UK at this time, make the most of London, which is getting all decked out in Christmas flair this year. It is no secret that London is a hive of activity throughout the year, but during the holiday season, the city brims with extravagant events. Christmas will once again illuminate Trafalgar Square in all its festive glory. The Shard Lights will illuminate the top of the tallest building in the UK every night in December. If you are visiting the Warner Bros. Studio Tour with kids, you can enjoy  Hogwarts in the Snow. It is one of the most magical experiences ever. Last but not least, enjoy the 2.6km illuminated trail at Kew and take the London by Night bus tour to watch the entire city illuminated for Christmas.

Head to the Scottish Highlands for an outdoor experience

An expansive, dramatic landscape accompanied by a cool mountain breeze is just what you need after the COVID-19 lockdown. Scotland has charming castles as well as stunning brooks that make it an ideal place to visit following the pandemic.  You can find excellent nature hikes on the West Highland Way, Muckle Flugga in Shetland, and Stac Pollaidh in Assynt. Interested in spending some time in the sublime beauty of Scotland’s natural splendours? Then, take a pause and stay back to enjoy a unique contemporary glamping experience at the AirShip 002  in Drimnin overlooking the gorgeous vistas of Sound of Mull. There are plenty of other brilliant places to go glamping such as Inver Coille Campsite, Tomatin Glamping Pods, and Mallaig Glamping Pods.  In the winter months, skiing is also quite popular in Scotland and you can find some amazing ski resorts such as Glenshee Ski Centre and Nevis Range Mountain Resort for adventure enthusiasts to try out their skiing skills. 

Get mesmerized by the beauty of the Lake District

Lake District, another gem of a destination in England, offers some of the most spectacular scenery you will see anywhere in the United Kingdom and has much more to offer. While this destination is known for its lush rolling green hills and stunning lakes, it is also the place that allows you to shake off the lethargy that comes from long indoor stays and venture out onto one of the many pristine waters of the UK. Kayaking, canoeing, or boating experiences are the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of this region in a slow-paced manner. Spend your days relaxing on the shore or hiking the valleys to camp under the stars. The dark countryside nights provide a perfect opportunity for admiring the bright constellations and countless stars shimmering in the sky. 

Discover a world of adventures at Devon

Those who would like to add a touch of adrenaline-rushing adventure to their post-pandemic holiday should definitely list Devon in their UK travel bucket list. The rugged cliffsides and beaches are apt to enjoy some exhilarating outdoor adventures. The waves at  Woolacombe and Saunton beach are ideal for surfers to try their talent in racing ahead of them.  You can also go scuba diving and snorkelling at Eddystone and Hillsea Point.  Not so keen on hardcore adventures? No problem! Devon has plenty of beaches with calm waters that are ideal for kayaking and paddleboarding. Enjoy some fun time and meet the friendly dolphins and seals of Devon with a trip to Labrador Bay and Lundy Island.

Discover the blissful yet lively ambience of Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, you will come across some outrageously breathtaking natural panoramas you have ever seen in your lifetime. Furthermore, the culture, dialect, and atmosphere are quite different from what can be found in England or elsewhere in the UK. The wilderness and historic relics blend beautifully to offer a destination so serene and charming to visit. Places like Giant’s Causeway and Dunluce Castle will make your jaws drop in awe of the natural beauty it exudes. Self-drive trips and nature walks are the best ways to discover Northern Ireland’s stunning attractions. Aside from these, you can explore the Irish pub culture and Irish whiskey distilleries to enjoy nonchalant moments. 

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Two Backpacking Cities in Europe, you can’t miss!

If there is one continent that is the most frequented by tourists and travelers alike, it is Europe. Europe’s western part is dotted with historical sites, marketplaces, cultural attractions, and gastronomical experiences. Now, while the common perception about Europe is that it is an expensive destination, numerous backpacker experiences have proved otherwise. Provided our trip is planned in the sense that we have a clear itinerary, we know which transportation passes to take, we are clear on which hostels to stay on the way, we have researched in advance about where to eat, our trip would turn out to be quite an economical and yet adventurous one.

Two western European cities which are most popular with backpackers are-

Amsterdam – The capital of The Netherlands, this city is known for its canals, cobblestoned streets, coffee shops, the famous Rijksmuseum, and a lot more. Commonly, the city tends to have a cozy vibe. Travelling within the city is easier here as there are numerous shops from where you can hire bikes.

Amsterdam Highlights 

If art and history interest you, then Amsterdam is your place to be. Famous for the Vincent van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Anne Frank House, these sites are a must visit. If you love your drink then you can’t miss the Heineken Experience, a historical brewery that is now run as a corporate experience center. If you are visiting this city for a gastronomical experience, then Amsterdam would not disappoint you. One would find numerous cuisines from across the world being served here including the famous coffee shops it brings in legacy. Food Festivals are quite common in Amsterdam which happen all year round. A backpacker has numerous options to stay in Amsterdam as there are many hostels present here apart from hotels. We have given you enough reasons for you to visit this beautiful city which can be done on a shoestring budget.

Paris – The capital of France is popularly known as a city of the romantics. Its monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, etc. require no introduction. This city is a must-visit on every backpacker’s bucket list. While Paris has got the ability to cater to the wealthiest of travelers through its chic hotels, fashion streets, and Michelin star restaurants, the backpacker also finds that he has numerous options at hand. 

Paris Highlights Paris is a city which has a lot of museums, but it is Louvre which is the most famous as it houses the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Montmartre in Paris is famous for lovely pastries and bread at economical prices. France is a country which is world-famous for wine so one cannot miss the numerous food and wine tasting tours being organized here which cater to all budgets. The Rue de Steinkerque is a place where one can shop within a budget. Paris provides numerous options for backpackers to stay including hostels and bed and breakfast accommodations. No wonder backpackers make a beeline to Paris.

So, whenever you are thinking of going on a backpacking tour, do not hesitate for a second before zeroing down on Europe. This place has every type of attraction one can think of. All one needs to do is plan well in advance. If the situation arises, do not hesitate before taking the help of travel experts while planning a trip so that they can help you with their expertise and make your trip even more memorable. So, do not wait anymore, start planning now!

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Get down to Addu Atoll, Right on the Equator

Addu Atoll, previously known as Seenu Atoll, is the southernmost – i.e., the most
tropical – atoll in the Maldives. In fact, it almost sits right on the equator – and it’s
actually in the southern hemisphere, so watch your toilets flush in the opposite
direction! (Not really :P) Addu Atoll includes five inhabited islands, the
westernmost of which are connected by a 16-kilometre road that passes right over
the water and provides a formidable breakwater to the changing tides; water levels
can vary by half a metre. More excitingly, it’s home to the country’s second-largest
wetlands: the Eydhigali Kilhi wetlands, and the protected Koattey area on
Hithadhoo Island.

The Addu Atoll – and Addu Nature Park – are definitely worth a visit. Cycle through
the dense and vibrant green vegetation of the beautiful wetlands. Canoe or kayak
through land so low to the water that the ocean is always a force to be felt, as
“inland” as you might get! Go birding and see the migratory birds, and even bats,
who stop over in this tropical paradise. And spend some time scuba-diving or
snorkeling to see the fantastic marine life!

Let’s cover some of the main islands in this equatorial heaven:

Hulhumeedhoo, or Hulhudhoo-Meedhoo, is an absolute must-see. It’s the
fifth-largest island in the Maldives, but still – despite this – barely the land area
of New York’s Central Park. And it’s one of the country’s oldest settled islands,
first inhabited between 500 and 1000 years before the birth of Christ. Rich in
history, and with a beautiful Indian Ocean culture, visiting here is a must.

Hithadhoo is the second-largest island in the Maldives, and contains the
administrative center of the Atoll, and of the capital city – Addu city – that
stretches across it. With a rich history, and structures like the ruins of an old fort
at Koattey, the origins of which are still unclear, even to experts. In addition, the
Eydhigali Kilhi wetlands are here, an essential part of the Addu Nature Park. You
can see wild flora and fauna galore, both above and beneath the sparkling
water’s surface. It’s definitely a must-see stop on a Maldives tour.

● On the island of Gan, stay right at the equator in a resort complete with all the
amenities. From here, you can easily take a boat ride to switch into the other
hemisphere, and then switch back – and back again if you have a mind to! Other
good news is that there’s an international airport, with flights to Sri Lanka, if you
want to start or end your trip here rather than Malé.

Maradhoo, located in the middle of the road that links the atoll, is an island with
a fair amount of historical significance during WWII, used by the British (who
then owned the Maldives) as a staging area for naval warfare. Furthermore, due
to its designation as a “non-typical” Maldivian tourist place, the sorts of
experiences that you’ll have here can be quite different than at the resorts of


You haven’t seen the ocean until you’ve dived at the Maldives

The word “dive” is even in the name of the country, right?
But let’s be serious. And let’s talk about a world-class destination for water sports.
The Maldives is a country in the midst of the Indian Ocean, comprising 19,000
square kilometres, of which less than 300 are on land. Its highest point is a
staggering 5 metres above the level of the sea. In other words, welcome to the
ocean. And whether it’s diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, paddle-boating, or just lazily
floating through the reef with the fishes, the tropical paradise of the Maldives has it

Whatever you want to do in the Maldives – if there’s water involved, then it’s an
option. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, or a newlywed just
looking for a place to relax – or maybe you feel like one today, the other tomorrow.
Never fear. These beautiful, low-lying islands can give you whatever you’re after.
Here are just a few of the exciting, world-class options available on the sparkling
Maldivian waters:

● Parasailing: We’ll start with some sports that you’ve heard of, but probably
never tried. Well, it’s time to try them! Parasailing in the Maldives is incredible:
with beautiful, sapphire water and cerulean skies; it’s not an experience that
you’ll ever forget.

● Windsurfing: One of the more popular water sports in the Maldives, windsurfing
is the diva that’ll steal the thunder from the rest of your vacation. Zipping along
the crystal clear water, seeing fish or even stingrays darting below you… what’s
not to love about it? Book it through a resort that specialises in the sport for an
optimal experience.

● Flyboarding: Odds are you’ve never heard of “flyboarding.” But if you’re a
thrill-seeker, this most popular water sport in the Maldives was made for you! It
involves getting on a board which is attached to a jet ski by a hose that sends it
up into the air! And begs the question: is this really a “water” sport, or is it an
aerial one?

● Fun tubing: If the name isn’t evocative enough, imagine zipping through the
water at breakneck speeds in an inflatable raft. Yep, that’s “fun tubing”! And in
the Maldives, it’s a great option that’ll keep you close to the ground (or at least
the water’s surface!) but still offers plenty of bumpy, jouncing thrills.

● Catamaran Sailing: If you’re not so much a thrill seeker as someone who wants
some time to relax and soak in the tropical vibes, then this is for you. Take you
catamaran to one of the islands’ many deserted beaches, and spend some time
alone – or alone with your special someone.

● Snorkeling: One of the best activities in the Maldives, this needs no
introduction. Short of diving down with them, it’s the best way to view the atolls’
wonderful fauna – and it’s available almost everywhere you turn!

● Scuba diving: And last, but not least: the reason that many people come all the
way out to the Maldives. The diving opportunities here are simply unmatched in
the rest of the world. The islands’ most popular activity, you can’t pass up scuba
during your visit. And if you’ve never dived, you can learn how in one of the most
exquisite diving spots on this planet!

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Natural Wonders of Europe that take your breath away

Europe beckons with an intoxicating blend of cultivated beauty and natural wonders. Art and architecture dominate in cities, but venture into the wilds and you’ll discover the rock towers, soaring arches, and cathedrals of ice that inspired ancient civilizations. 

These natural attractions somehow get lost in the white noise generated by the other historical and artistic wonders of Europe. Yet, they have always retained a steady voice of their own and travelers have always made a beeline to these destinations which possess remarkable beauty and, in many cases, have been inscribed by UNESCO as sites of importance. Here are four incredible natural wonders in Europe worth planning your vacation around –

Swiss Alps, Switzerland – The Alps, divided as per the international boundaries, are better known as Swiss Alps, Italian Alps, French Alps, etc. The Swiss Alps, the part of the Alps falling in Switzerland, are a popular tourist destination for millions of travelers who come either for skiing or hiking. Travelers often choose to rent out cottages to enjoy the rolling fields with cattle grazing across them with snow-capped mountains forming a background. The Glacier Express train which runs between St Moritz and Zermatt provides beautiful views from its glass-roofed coaches, all across its journey. Lucerne and Interlaken are also popular amongst tourists when they are visiting the scenic Alps

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is a nature’s wonder which one cannot miss. Surrounded by lush green forests the Plitvice lakes are a series of lakes that are created by naturally occurring dams. The formation of these natural dams, also known as tufa formations, is a marvel of nature. They support an ecosystem of their own. The crystal-clear waters of the lakes make this destination a traveler’s paradise. The forests surrounding these lakes have wildlife consisting of brown bears, grey wolves, and lynxes.

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland – This UNESCO World Heritage Site, located off the coast of Northern Ireland, is a wonder of nature. It is a series of 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns which have interlocked into a formation which is now known as the Giants Causeway. Capturing the imagination of people since forever it remains one of the most popular natural attractions in Europe today. A myth surrounding this destination states that it was an Irish giant who arranged these columns in order to construct a causeway to cross the North Sea to respond to a challenge posed by a rival giant from Scotland.

Fjords of Norway – The fjords of Norway are naturally occurring wonders of nature that have been deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These beautiful formations are inlets of seas that are bordered by tall mountains. Many of the fjords are regular features on many cruise ships’ itineraries. Many trekkers also make a beeline to explore these fjords from the land.

So, these sites and many more like Thingvellir National Park (Iceland) and also the experience of observing the Northern Lights from destinations in Scandinavia reveal how much natural beauty Europe possesses. Fancy a train vacation to Europe’s natural wonders?  Contact a travel expert fast so that you can book your trip to the natural wonders of Europe soon!

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Historical Landmarks of Europe you want to visit!

Landmarks are landmarks for a reason. Europe, with its centuries of rulers, wars, artwork, and more, as well as the wealth and opulence that came with colonial power, has more than its fair share of landmarks that are recognized not just in their native nations but around the world, and we’ve created a list of the ones you need to make sure you see.

With its many dynasties, past and present, Europe’s landmarks are often dominated by castles and palaces. Europe is a continent whose history, art and architecture have made a deep impression on the rest of the world. The world cannot complete its school education without studying the achievements of the ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire. One has found himself to be deeply influenced by the artistic achievements of the renaissance painters and architects. So, it is natural when travelers decide to go to Europe to see the wonders of the Antiquity and Renaissance Age firsthand. That said, Europe has got so many such destinations that it becomes important for one to prioritize as it is not possible to cover all the heritage destinations in one go. So, here are some of the major heritage destinations in Europe worth visiting –

Athens – The capital city of Greece, one of the oldest and the most important city-states during the Antiquity period. Its citizens included Aristotle and Plato. Some of the major attractions amongst monuments over here include the Acropolis (which includes the Parthenon, the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch, Theatre of Dionysus, etc.). Athens has got some of the best museums in the world and the museum at Acropolis, the National Archaeological Museum, and Byzantine and Christian Museum are some of the famous museums in Greece.

Rome – The capital of Italy presently and the capital of the almighty Roman Empire earlier, this old city has got history flowing through its veins. As the political capital of the Roma Empire and later as the Spiritual Center of the Christian World Rome has always occupied center stage in Human Civilization’s consciousness. This makes a trip to the city a must, a place which would never run out of attractions. From the Colosseum to the Pantheon, from the mausoleums of Augustus and Hadrian to the Forums Rome has many remains from the Roman Empire. These are some of the popular draws for millions of tourists all over the world.

Paris – The capital city of France this historical city has heritage sites spanning from the Middle Ages to the French Renaissance and from the French classical period to the Modern Era. Landmark monuments like the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Cathedral of Saint Chappelle, the Palais de Louvre, the district of Marais, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower are just some of the numerous monuments present in Paris. One can also not forget that Paris is also the home of arguably the world’s best painting, the Mona Lisa.

These three cities are just three of the many well-preserved historical centers which one can visit in Europe. Cities like Prague, Krakow, London, Barcelona, etc. are also amongst some of the most highly rated heritage sites in Europe. They are frequented by many visitors from across the world. The best part about these sites in Europe is that they are easily accessible by Air and there are plenty of options available for hotels. 

That said, to get yourselves the best deals you must get in touch with the best travel experts as it is them who will get you the best hotels which are closest to these landmarks and at the best deals possible!


Three places to visit in Europe, if you Love Drinking Wine

A glass of Wine can tell you a story of the different wine regions and wineries in Europe when made with minimal use of oak.  Best way to experience European Wine Tours is to go on a Wine Tasting Holiday. From rooftop cocktails to river cruises here are the unmissable experiences in one of the Best Wine Destinations in Europe.

Wine consumption has held historical significance in Europe, and it is an integral part of the European culture. Wine is also an often-used ingredient in the cuisines of Europe be it Greek cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Spanish cuisine, French cuisine, Italian cuisine, or other cuisines.

The wine’s come in various varieties namely Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine, etc. The sweetness of the wine, its alcohol content, and other aspects of its taste are decided by the winemaker. So, in every country, in every region, you stand a chance of tasting a wine that has a unique flavor. Given how common it is to find quality wines in Europe it is also common among travelers to either make wine sampling a part of their trip to Europe or they come to Europe specifically to go on the wine trail. So, some of the regions where the travelers go, to sample the local wines from the wineries are:

France – The consumption of wine is popular in French Culture. The French love to match wine with their food. It is commonplace for travelers to go on Wine Tours across the countryside of France. Those who do not have that much time on the itinerary go on Day tours for a wine tasting which is organized from cities like Paris. The regions of Burgundy, Chardonnay, Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, etc. are world-famous for their wines.

Italy – Italy is one of the largest producers of wine in the world. Just like the French, their wine is also world-famous. Wines from regions like Prosecco are valued the world over. They have been producing wine since the pre-Roman period. Other famous wine-producing regions in Italy include the Tuscan region, the Piedmont region, and the Lombardy region. In Italy, the concept of agritourism is very popular. In this concept travelers often rent out farmhouses or rooms in farmhouses so that they are closer to nature and also, they can taste the local cuisine and the local wine. Wine tours are also common here.

Spain – Spain is one of the top three wine-producing countries in the world. While many parts of Spain produce wine, but it is only the world-renowned regions where wine tasting tours happen. Regions like La Rioja Alavesa, Ribera del Duero, Marco de Jerez, Priorat, Navarre, etc. are some of the major regions where wine tasting tours happen. As the Spaniards prefer to combine their food with wine it is common for quite a few places to serve Spanish fare along with wines during such tours.

So, when traveling in Europe it will be a very common feature for a traveler to find a locally produced wine accompanying their food. Even a small island like Santorini in Greece serves its own style of wine along with its local cuisine. This is why traveling on a wine tasting journey to Europe can be like traveling through a wonderland with so many varieties of wine on offer. So, the best thing for you to do is to consult a travel expert so that they can curate the ‘best’ wine experiences for you so that you can have a trip of your lifetime!

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Get off the mainland!

When you go to Greece, it’s really a must to hit the Greek islands. Not only is it what the country is famous for. Each of the Greek islands has something unique, and each of them has its own, good reason to go to it. 

Let’s start with a half dozen:

 Milos: Have you ever been to a beach with sand that’s so white it looks like snow? That’s Milos – an unreal, un-crowded Greek island that’s like something out of a movie – or maybe an alien planet. From beach relaxation to cliff jumping for the adrenaline junkies, Milos has it all! 

Mykonos: Here’s the classic Greek party island. Overrun and overcrowded? Maybe. But there’s a reason. Mykonos is the place to be in the Aegean. Nightlife galore. Food to die for. Pristine white buildings that feel like a movie set. This island has it all, and well earns its crowds! However, unlike some of the smaller, laid-back Greek islands, you can’t just show up here and expect to find a decent accomodation. For the best hotels, book with 3-6 months of anticipation.

Naxos: This is one of the more picturesque islands in the Aegean. Here you can drive (or hike!) up into the hills and catch a spectacular view of a delightful, quaint town across the valley. Perfect for families, this is an island where you can bring your kids to relax – or run all around, if that’s what the kids prefer doing! 

Paros: This island is the ideal place to take a break from all the running around to ancient ruins. And just chill. Where else can you stand on a stone dock on the shores of the Mediterranean, and gaze at the pile of vibrant white houses on the hill beyond, topped by a two-spited white cathedral? A less touristy island than many, the locals here are fantastic. And the food – often straight from the sea – is, if possible, even better. A must-see in this stunning country. 

Antiparos: Does this name resemble any other island we’ve talked about? Paros, maybe? Well, as you might suppose, Antiparos is located right next to Paros – a mere five minute ferry ride away. But in terms of tranquility, it’ll feel like you stepped into Heaven. Not that Paros is a bustling metropolis, but Antiparos is even more tranquil – and the water is, somehow, even more translucent and blue! 

Sifnos: If you’ve never tried Greek cooking, you’re going to want to, on Sifnos. This island’s most famous inhabitant is Nicholas Tselementes, who – in 1910 – wrote the first Greek cookbook. And on this island, a feast is just a matter of course. It’s not just moussaka; it’s stewed capers and chickpea croquettes and stewed capers are taverna staples, and potteries that produce the casseroles used for revitháda (baked chickpeas) and mastello (lamb with red wine and dill).

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Why not take a tour of Atlantis?

Whether or not “Atlantis” is a real place, the myth might have some basis in fact. Because there’s a Greek island, Santorini, that, due to a cataclysmic event around 1500 BCE, literally sunk – in a large part – into the sea. 

But there’s a lot of Santorini that’s still above water! And on this beautiful island, not only are you going to find charming whitewashed houses, and picturesque villages, but you’ll also experience hilltop views of unforgettable sunsets, crystal waters just begging you to jump into them, and delicious dining that won’t be outdone. 

Here are just some of the things you have to do there: 

Get lost in the quaint town of Oia. The northern edge of the caldera contains a town carved into the rock. Santorini’s most picturesque town, Oia’s narrow, spectacular streets will have you constantly pulling out your camera. Spend a good chunk of your day wandering the alleys here. Or stay overnight – somewhere like the Canaves Oia luxury boutique hotel, where you can swim in a beautiful pool while staring out across the Aegean Sea.

Take a winery tour. Santorini produces some of Greece’s best wines, such as Assyrtiko, Nykteri, and Vinsanto. The volcanic soil gives the grapes a special flavour, added to the skill of the viticulture, developed over millennia. Explore a place like Santo Wines Winery, near Pyrgos Village, which offers tours as well as tastings, with breathtaking views to the caldera. Or join a small group tour that brings you to many of the island’s wineries – with a tasting at each! 

Swim at a red sand beach. Maybe you’ve heard of black sand beaches, but did you know that you can also find red? On Santorini, that’s a possibility. The best red sand beach on the island is at Akrotiri, accessible either by boat, or via an easy footpath. Where the sand – as well as the rock of the cliffs – is a dazzling red. Whether you want to jump into the water, or just sunbathe on the red beach, this is definitely a special experience. 

Take a cruise of the caldera at sunset. The island of Santorini is circular, roughly, with a large bay – or “caldera” – inside. This is due to the cataclysm that happened some 3500 years ago, and may have sunk “Atlantis”. But, these days, the volcano is quiet, and the ocean has rushed in to claim the abandoned land. Taking a cruise here is incredible – and taking a cruise here at sunset will leave vivid memories etched into your soul. It’s absolutely one of the must-do things on Santorini! 

Take a tour of the volcano itself. Obviously, the island’s volcanic. Which means it must have a volcano! Well, it does – but due to the past eruption, it’s actually on its own island in the caldera’s centre! Still, it’s possible to take a tour. And well worth it. Boats leave from Athinios Port (Santorini’s main port), the Old Port in Fira, and Ammoudi Bay in Oia, and tours take you to several stops on the central island. Yes, it will involve hiking in the heat. But, yes, it will be worth it!

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8 Best Places to Visit in the USA

It is so hard to decide which places in America deserve to be called the best. There are plenty of diverse destinations, and each one holds amazing beauty, capable enough to take your breath away. Use the following list to plan your vacation, that will make your visit to USA worth it –

  • New York City: New York is always a whirlwind of activity, choose to visit Metropolis Museum, enjoy a Broadway Show or gorge on New-York style pizza!
  • San Francisco: San Francisco serves authentic regional cuisine catering to diverse ethnic groups. Don’t forget, sturdy shoes and sunscreen while on an exploration!
  • New Orleans: The city’s rich jazz, rock’n’ roll scenes, gumbo to beginners to po’boys eateries accompanied with amazing sights gives New Orleans a distinct personality!
  • Chicago: Chicago has all the offerings you’d expect. Just save time for some of the city’s quintessential experiences in history, culture and cuisine.
  • Key West: From lounging to snorkeling, deep-sea fishing to sailing, rich history and a pretty coastline, Key West features a lively Duval street that adds variety.
  • Miami: Travel to South Florida for vibrant nightlife scenes by the Miami Beach that adds to your adventure and exciting exploration.
  • Washington, D.C.: The nation’s capital features iconic landmarks and a plethora of Smithsonian museums. Complete your visit by checking out the lively bar scenes.
  • Boston: One of the oldest cities, Boston is very walkable, making many of the must-visit attractions best seen on foot.

So, hurry up and pack your bags to explore these top 8 amazing places in the States. DM us for best deals!

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