Ireland Specialist

The Ireland Specialist program is an interactive online training program designed to teach the international tourism sector about the island of Ireland as a vation destination. I took classes coving the following subjects .

About Ireland

From the Giant Causeways in the North to Bantry Bay in the Southwest. Ireland is packed with so muc to see and do.

Places to Visit

From breathtaking landscapes and rural idylls to buzzing urban hubs and amazing festivals, it’s all waiting to be discovered.

Things to Do

Ireland offers every visitor a warm welcome. From discovering our iconic landscapes to walking through our buzzing cities: you wont be short of things to do in the island of Ireland.

Places to Stay

The island of Ireland offers many places to stay. From world class luxury hotels to countryside escapes. Ireland has accommodations to suit everyone


Fancy crowning a goat, tackling white wave in a kayak or simply shucking an oyster? Musical. delicious. active and artistic; events in Ireland come in all shapes and sizes.

What New

Discover what’s new on the island of Ireland. Discover exciting vacation ideas and Itineraries in Ireland.

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