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If you have never heard much about the Maldives, you are missing out on what’s – perhaps – the world’s most spectacular island destination! In this archipelago of 1,192 tropical coral islands, the sea truly is pristine, tranquil, and blue. It is the sort of sight that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world. So, it’s high time to escape from your busy life, and take some time to relax for a while. Do not let these gorgeous islands slip by! Take a trip to the Maldives as soon as you can because you will NOT regret it!

Does the notion of an “overwater bungalow” strike your fancy? It is exactly what it sounds like – a residence built not next to, but atop, the ocean itself. Once an innovation of French Polynesia, the Maldives have taken up this unique art form, and perfected it. And perfect is how it will feel to spend a night in one of these beauties. Below the floorboards, the Indian Ocean surges in gentle swells against the posts that hold your bungalow up – and keep you dry! Let us book your perfect bungalow!