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Does the thought of going to Mexico get you excited? It should.  Because Mexico is a world-class tourist destination. It has beaches  to rival the best of the Caribbean – which might not surprise you,  seeing as half of its coast IS, in fact, the Caribbean! It has food so  delicious that it’ll have you clamoring for “¡Más! ¡Más!” It has some  of the oldest, and best preserved, history in North America. And it  has no end of natural parks with incredible hikes – in the mountains,  jungle, or desert. So get excited about Mexico. And set up a trip there  today.
Whether you're a hardcore adventurer or you prefer your vacations  to include a beach, a pool, and a spa - ideally in the same complex  - the country of Mexico has what you're looking for. From the  beaches, reefs, and high-end dining at Cozumel to the brilliant ruins  at Tulum of Chichen Itza, Mexico has such a blend of amazing  destinations that it will leave any visitor in complete awe. So book a  trip there, today - and prepare to be awed by this awesome  country!