Need for Travel insurance

Why you should never take a trip without travel insurance

Imagine you’re traveling and on the cruise of your dreams. You’re debarking the ship for an excursion and start to feel a little twinge of pain. You ignore it, because you’re excited about all the tour you’ve planned for returning to the cruise ship. But the pain quickly gets worse and you realize you need medical treatment, including surgery. Your travel plans are ruined, and you now owe a lot of money you don’t have.

What do you do? If you purchased travel insurance, you would have far fewer worries.

Three things to know about travel insurance

  • Just like other types of insurance, there are different levels and types. Depending on which insurance plan you purchase, you can save yourself thousands of dollars! Problems that could be potentially covered range anywhere from having to cancel your trip, or if you get sick during an excursion, or experience a disaster like a terrorist attack or weather disaster on your trip.
  • Your U.S.-based health insurance doesn’t work in most places outside the United States so if you get sick, you will have to pay all the costs. Some places will not let you leave the hospital until your bill is paid, which would stack problems upon problems!
  • You can purchase travel insurance for a single trip, or you can purchase a standard annual policy that covers all your trips. If you travel more than once or twice a year, even regionally, it could save you money to invest in the annual policies.

Let me help

As a travel advisor, I’m equipped to not only help you find the best deals on your travel plans, I can also help you determine what kind of travel insurance best fits your needs. When you call me to start making your travel dreams a reality, we can discuss your different options for travel and also for protecting that travel.

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3 years ago

I had never even considered travel insurance until I talked with you. I’ll be sure to be covered from now on!

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