Our top ten things to do in Dubai

In this latest edition of Paul’s Picks, I’m featuring Dubai.

As always in my Top 10 lists, you will find links to information about the things to do, see, and eat in each location. I started doing lists in college to help me learn and study easier so that’s why I use them when I’m helping people learn about all the great things they can do when they travel.

Where do I get my information? It’s a mix of studying for certifications, personal experience, research, or client recommendations.

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1. Shopping

” Dubai is a shopper’s dream and with multitude of malls boasting fun attractions, there’ much to explore”

2. Ski

“Snow peaks, Chairlifts and penguins in the middle of an Arabian desert. Might sound like a wild midnight dream? But yes, with Ski Dubai its a reality today. A huge resort spread over 22,500sq meters located in Dubai, makes ice skiing actuality in the middle of the fiery sun.”

 3. Beaches

“Dubai is renowned for its towering desert metropolis, where you’ll find extravagant hotels, Michelin-star dining, first-class shopping and world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. But, as one of the Middle East’s premier beach destinations, it is also a fantastic place for those wanting sun and sea.”

4. Global Village

“The Global Village is a sensational shopping spectacle and a seasonal attraction that happens every year, during the winter months of the city of Dubai. As a shopping extravaganza, this annual event features more than twenty five international pavilions, each showcasing a particular country’s products and culture.”

 5. Al Marmoom Camel Race Track

“A few decades ago, Dubai was nothing but a fishing and pearling town along the creek. Life was tough in this harsh desert. They reared sheep and goats for food and wool. Wool was a necessity during winters. They used falcons for hunting and horses for wars. But above all, one animal became an integral part of their daily life. If not for these beasts, it would have been impossible for them to survive the desert. I am talking about the camel — the ship of the desert.”

6.  Al Fahihi Historical Neighborhood

“Dubai is known for its beautiful modern architecture.  Yet permanent structures are relatively new to the region. Historically most of the Arabs who lived here were nomadic and did not leave behind physical monuments or buildings.  As such, older regions of Dubai are quite limited.”

 7. Queen Elizabeth 2

“Dubai offers a host of experiences that cater to your every mood, however this time around there’s a much more promising addition that ensures to be the highlight of your trip. Docked permanently at Dubai’s Mina Rashid, Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) stands refurbished and ready to welcome in a sea of eager visitors. Whether you wish to dine with a backdrop of the pristine ocean and the expansive Dubai skyline, or you’d rather prefer lounging in one of her opulent suites — there’s no reason why you should hold back from indulging in QE2 Dubai’s top notch luxury. Skim through her valiant battles, historic milestones and embark on a unique cultural journey aboard the QE2 Dubai.”

 8. Dubai Fountain

“The deserts of the Middle East have long been a setting for regional folklore that has wooed the world. It is still wondrous as to how an urban haven can develop in the middle of the barren land in a matter of decades. Landmarks from the desert city have now made their way to the “best” lists of the world. The Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, World Island, Marina Walk are all common entries in global bucket lists. One of the greatest and most frequently videographed attractions in Dubai is the Dubai Fountain Show. This performing fountain has set a standard in its field since its inception and it stands today, as famous as the Las Vegas’s Bellagio Fountains.”

 9. Etihad Museum

“After experiencing the glam and glitz of the United Arab Emirates, ever wondered about the humble beginnings of the bedouin country? There is no better place than the Etihad Museum to delve into the past. Situated in Jumeirah, Dubai the Etihad Museum is a spectacle offering a series of interactive pavilions and cultural offerings of the United Arab Emirates contemporary history. Through a panoply of photos, films and original documents, one can witness the evolution of the United Arab Emirates at the Etihad Museum and walk out better enlightened.”

10. Jumeirah Mosque

“The most iconic landmark in Dubai is the Jumeirah Mosque. The mosque welcomes visitors of all faiths to admire the surroundings and learn about Islam and the local culture with “open doors, open minds” idealogy.”

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