Our top ten things to do in Greece

I am often asked how I have chosen the top 10 list, that I put up on my blog.  While in college I found it much easier to create a list when I started studying for a test or writing a term paper. Knowing that it is easy to understand why I create a top ten list, now as to how do I decide what goes on the list, simply put it is things I would like to do or have done in Greece.  I have chosen things on this list either because I have come across them while studying for certifications, personal experience, research, or client recommendations. Each of the item on the top 10 has a link, which will open a new window for more information.

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“Santorini is a gorgeous Cycladic island that sure knows how to stop you on your tracks with its mesmerizing beauty. From its glorious sunsets and staggering multicolored cliffs to whitewashed buildings and ash-laden calderas, Santorini is definitely blessed with a unique landscape. Its beauty makes it one of the top spots to visit in all of Greece, but so does its delicious Greek food restaurants!”


“Visiting the Acropolis is one of the highlights of your visit to Athens, a must-see site that epitomises Ancient Greece. This rocky hill is topped by the Parthenon temple dedicated to Athena, Goddess of wisdom and war who planted the first olive tree on this very spot to found the city of Athens. On a visit in late February, we experienced warm and sunny weather, making Spring the ideal time to visit he Acropolis before the scorching heat and crowds of summer descend on Athens.”


“If you have an interest in Greek mythology and archaeology, then the ruins of Knossos Palace make for an interesting stop during a visit to the island of Crete.”

National Archaeological Museum 

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens, is not just the best museum in Athens. It is also the best museum in Greece, and dare I say, one of the best in the world. 

 Mountain of the Gods

“Being the largest mountain in Greece and the second highest in the Balkans, Mount Olympus understandably created awe to the ancient Greeks that believed that that was the place where their gods lived. The origin of its name is disputable since there are plenty of theories surrounding it. The most prominent is that “Olympus” meant sky”

 Cruise the Islands

“Cruise journeys keep you in rejuvenated mood in the midst of sea waters. In fact, such journeys make for an amazing family tour. Here, we have enlisted 11 best Greek island cruises you mustn’t miss out during your European vacation plan.”


“Rhodes itself has a pretty long (sometimes turbulent) history, incredible natural beauty, stunning architecture, and of course lip-smacking food that I’m almost certain you’ll devour as soon as you touch down.”

 Greece’s beaches 

“Paradise Beach on the island of Mykonos attracts thousands of party lovers from across the globe every Summer. The golden sands and clear waters makes Paradise Beach Greece’s number one open-aired seafront clubbing destination – giving Ibiza a run for its money!”


“The history of the Greek holy island of Patmos is fascinating. Initially, it was known as Letois after goddess Artemis, the daughter of Leto. Patmos is also referred to as Jerusalem of the Aegean and is popular among Greek orthodox people.”


“As we walked to each section of Delphi, we were greeted with more and more ruins, as well as spectacular mountain views. “

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