Our top ten things to do in Bahamas

I am often asked how I have chosen the top 10 list, that I put up on my blog.  While in college I found it much easier to create a list when I started studying for a test or writing a term paper. Knowing that it is easy to understand why I create a top ten list, now as to how do I decide what goes on the list, simply put it is things I would like to do or have done in Bahamas.  I have chosen things on this list either because I have come across them while studying for certifications, personal experience, research, or client recommendations. Each of the item on the top 10 has a link, which will open a new window for more information.

 Let us know what you think of our list in the comments below the list. 

1. Pirates of Nassau

“The Pirates of Nassau Museum is one of those museums that really will entertain the whole family. Whether your children are toddlers or a little older, they’ll find plenty to see and do at this unique Caribbean museum.”

2. Lucayan National Park

“The hiking trails are easy for most anyone who would visit the park and the guide at the beginning gave us a great description to barely even need the map. Hiking around the top loop, you’ll visit Ben’s Cave, a Sea Cave and Hammock, as well as a burial ground from earlier inhabitants. The caves are quite impressive and the hike is a beautiful walk along Bahamian flora and fauna”

 3. Pompey Museum of Slavery & Emancipation

To most cruisers, a day in Nassau generally entails some time at the beach bookend by shopping at the straw market and a drink at the perpetual Spring Break of Senor Frogs. The Bahamas cruise port is not known for high cultural or historic significance; but those willing to skip a day at the beaches can take a journey and explore the emancipation story of the African slave population in the tropical New World.

 4. Paradise Island

“Atlantis Paradise Island, a renowned oceanfront vacation destination for all ages, showcases one of the world’s largest outdoor marine habitats with educational and interactive marine programs featuring dolphins, sea lions, and other aquatic animals. Its 141-acre Aquaventure water park with exhilarating water slides, 11 distinct pools, and miles of white-sand beaches also underscore the outstanding features of this expansive resort. “

5. Scuba Diving

“If you’re getting set to go scuba diving in The Bahamas, prepare to be amazed. Not only are the beaches stunning and the marine life thriving in this part of the world, travelers can island hop in this tropical archipelago to experience multiple scuba sites. Many people go to this island chain just to dive and depending on how long you’re there, you’ll be able to scuba dive off the coasts of many different islands, some uninhabited.”

6. Fort Charlotte

“By day, Nassau Paradise Island is a sun-drenched, picture-perfect vacation destination. But at night, do things get a little eerie in Paradise? According to local lore, some of the most popular and historic sites in and around Nassau are haunted! And with The Bahamas’ colorful history as a pirate hangout, it’s no surprise these chilling tales have been passed down. “

 7.  Nassau Straw Market

“A shopping highlight for many visitors to Nassau and the nearby resorts on Paradise Island, the Bay Street straw market is a favorite for locally-crafted souvenirs and other Bahamian finds. Bay Street itself is lined with quirky shops, restaurants and bars, but it’s the bartering and handmade goods that make the straw market a must-visit for vacationers and cruise goers alike. Open every day of the week, from 8 am to 8 pm, the straw market is conveniently located just a few minutes walk from the cruise port.”

 8.  The Heritage Museum of the Bahamas

“I was thrilled to learn that my friends were arriving via cruise with a port of call in Nassau. Although they only had a few hours to spend here, I knew exactly where to take them for an enjoyable and memorable time. I made sure I showed them the historic Graycliff — the first 5-star luxury hotel and restaurant in the Caribbean.”

 9.  The Garden of the Groves

Arrival at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island was again early in the morning. We booked a Carnival shore excursion here that would include the Garden of the Groves botanical gardens and the Lucaya marketplace. Upon arriving at the gangway at 8:00 a.m., we discovered the weather had taken a turn. Nassau had been beautiful and sunny. 

 10. The Swimming Pigs

“You float across the shimmering waters of Exuma’s 365 cays and islands, and the view reminds you that things just can’t get any better. Like the ice in your crisp and cool tropical beverage, your heart begins to melt.Your boat approaches an ivory-white beach, and 20-something adorable pigs and piglets hastily make their way to you for a playful encounter in the shallow waters.Welcome to Pig Island… Where all pigs go to heaven.”

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Bahamas Top 10

I am often asked how I have chosen the top 10 list, that I put up on my blog.  While in college I found it much easier to create a list when I started studying for a test or writing a term paper. Knowing that it is easy to understand why I create a top ten list, now as to how do I decide what goes on the list, simply put it is things I would like to do or have done in Bahamas.  I have chosen things on this list either because I have come across them while studying for certifications, personal experience, research, or client recommendations. Each of the item on the top 10 has a link, which will open a new window for more information.

 Let us know what you think of our list in the comments below the list. 

1. Pirates of Nassau

2. Lucayan National Park

 3. Pompey Museum of Slavery & Emancipation

 4. Paradise Island

5.  Clifton Heritage Park, Bahamas

6. Fort Charlotte

 7.  Nassau Straw Market

 8.  The Heritage Museum of the Bahamas

 9.  The Garden of the Groves

 10. The Swimming Pigs

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5 Reasons to Spend the Holidays in The Bahamas

As I was struggling to figure out what to write about the Bahamas today, in the background a Christmas Movie was on the television . My wife walks in saying “Christmas movies already” (My family knows I will watch Christmas movies and Listen to Christmas Music all year round and The give me a Hard time about it) So it hits me as i stumble across the Blog Below on Bahamas.com


Recently I had a friend who asked what the water was like in The Bahamas around late December, early January.  Generally, I don’t tend to swim during these times, so my answer wasn’t as straightforward as it could be.  Nonetheless, after my explanation- she was pretty convinced in coming.

Let’s be real, while living in The Bahamas- a place with perfect weather all year round, I tend to take advantage of every beach day I can get. However, when it comes to “winter” months …I naturally stray away from swimming.

Not because outside is freezing, but because I like my beach water just like my showers- nice and refreshing. This is not to say that the water around this time is particularly cold… but definitely much cooler than I’d prefer.

My friend, however, is not from The Bahamas- as you may have guessed- but rather from Oklahoma, USA.

Those of you who don’t know much about Oklahoma, should know that the weather is constantly shifting, but winters particularly are consistently freezing.

Most of you may also know that here “winter” isn’t winter at all. It’s just a spurt of random cold fronts which sometimes are much cooler since I live on the island closest to Florida.

This point is rather relatable because for many of you reading, you’re also subject to cold winters just like my friend.

So, I’ve come up with 5 reasons as to why you should ditch your winter coats and decide to spend your holidays in The Bahamas!

  1. First and most obvious- THE WEATHER! Winters for The Bahamas is typically a solid average of 75 degrees (or higher). This temperature for most of you snow birds is still considered to be summer-ish. So, choosing to put on shorts for a period of 5-7 days & basking on many beautiful beaches while making your friends jealous will always beat out layers of clothing and potential frost bite!

  2. Return on Investment-You automatically escape the costs of heaters, extra clothing, and buying Starbucks several times a day just to keep yourself warm.  When you think about the ROI of spending the holidays on one of many of our islands and the memories you’ll have while doing so vs. an increased power bill/ monthly expenses…the investment of visiting definitely outweighs the latter.

  3. Junkanoo! This highly anticipated cultural event of the year only happens on a large scale during the holidays! You can experience the rich depth of our music, dance, and creativity all in one night at this National Festival. The event happens the day after Christmas and on New Year’s Day.  If you’re planning your getaway around any of these dates, you’ll be in for a treat.

  4. Friendly Environment- People are naturally jollier around Christmas time- either because they’re getting a bonus or they’re looking forward to extra time off. Whatever the case may be, you can bet that your experience on any of our islands will leave you wanting to come back for more. We’re already a family oriented, jovial set of people so if you visit us around the Holidays and opt for a People-to-People  experience you’ll practically be calling The Bahamas your second home!

  5. Ease of Access- With flights and cruise lines coming in from all over the world, it’s become increasingly easy to get to most, if not every island of The Bahamas. Take advantage of better deals by booking early and within a blink of an eye you would have changed your entire holiday landscape from snowy days to sunny days! 


The list could go on, but those my friends are just a few reasons as to why you should continue browsing our website to see which island to visit this Holiday Season! Once you’ve selected your top choice, don’t forget to hit “BOOK” at the top right corner of the site to experience why It’s truly Better In The Bahamas!


Three things guests love about… Sandals Emerald Bay.

Reposted from Sandals Blog

By Kylie Morrow | October 7th 2019

Sandals Emerald Bay in a nutshell

Accommodation Type: 5 star all-inclusive resort (adults-only).
Location: Great Exuma, the Bahamas.

Recommended airport: Exuma International Airport (GGT).
Transfer time to resort: 20 minutes.

Best Sandals resort for:
Sandals Emerald Bay features an amazing spa and a Greg Norman designed golf course with incredible views. When it comes to powdery white sand beaches, turquoise waters and snorkeling: you won’t find it better than in Exuma!

Atmosphere: Sophisticated.
Restaurants: 11 restaurants.

Overall review of Sandals Emerald Bay

sandals emerald bay main pool

You can hardly go wrong with choosing a resort on the ‘out islands’ in the Bahamas, and Sandals Emerald Bay enhances the magic of vacationing in that part of the Caribbean with a luxurious and intimate experience that’s hard to beat.

In fact, of over 5,000 guest reviews, 82% (!) vote their stay at Sandals Emerald Bay as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very good’. That’s not surprising considering it is the largest Sandals resort in the Bahamas, set in a beautiful beachfront location, with amazing swimming pools as far as the eye can see. The luxury resort also features a state-of-the-art golf course (18-hole, par 72) designed by Greg Norman, tennis courts and a spa. Here are the three things guests love most about Sandals Emerald Bay:

Three things guests love about Sandals Emerald Bay

Based on real customer reviews.

1. Guests love the beautiful beach and swimming pool

sandals emerald bay main pool swim up bar

Guests can never get enough of the sugary white sands on this beach, brought to life by unbelievably clear, turquoise waters. If you can tear yourself away from the beach you’ll be able to enjoy an equally amazing time frolicking around the various pools at the resort, some of which include a swim up bar. Considering that Sandals was the resort that introduced the swim up bar concept so many years ago, you can be assured that this will be an unmatched experience.

2. Guests love the restaurants

guests enjoying dinner at il cielo restaurant in sandals emerald bay

Date night anyone? There are so many restaurants to choose from at Sandals Emerald Bay that you’ll almost have to be eating for your entire trip to enjoy them all. If that were in fact the case, it wouldn’t be half bad as Sandals Emerald Bay, much like the other Sandals resorts offers world-class themed dining options that enable guests to have pretty much anything they desire on any given day. Favorites at this resort include La Parisienne (French), Il Cielo (Italian), and the Drunken Duck, a British Pub which is also great for a night of drinks and meeting other couples.

Insider tip: The most popular restaurants at Sandals Emerald Bay require a reservation. Make sure to make some dinner reservations on arrival, especially during peak season! For dress-codes and opening times, see: restaurants at Sandals Emerald Bay.

3. Guests love the Red Lane Spa

couple enjoying relaxing massage at red lane spa in sandals emerald bay

A Sandals vacation is incomplete without indulging in the amenities available at the spa. If you’re yet to experience a couple’s massage, this is the place to do it. Or you can try something that’s just for you, like the Passionfruit Agave Massage (full body), Raindrop Dreams, a massage and essential oil experience that will help you realign physically, and energetically. You can also try the Slow Beauty Pedicure, Happy Hour Manicure, or a Mother-2-Be Massage. There are plenty of options at the Red Lane Spa, and at Sandals Emerald Bay, you’ll be able to treat yourself with no reservations.

For all these reasons and more, Sandals Emerald Bay is the perfect choice for an all-inclusive couple’s vacation. If you’re looking for a getaway that includes romance, a stunning resort, amazing golf course and an out-of-this-world beach, you don’t have to look any further than this.

Popular tours and excursion at Sandals Emerald Bay

Exuma Swimming Pigs Adventure.

guests petting pig in pig island

Enjoy a fun filled, action packed excursion aboard a 35-foot custom designed PowerCat while you snorkel, beach comb and experience all the beauty of the Exumas in one tour. Your captain and first mate will entertain you with excellent knowledge and first-class service as you cruise in and out of over 20 magnificent, little known cays with several stops along the way.

Take incredible photos atop an island with 360-degree views of the Exuma cays; visit the endangered Bahamian rock Iguana at an island, which the original natives of the Bahamas once called home. Circle past the million dollar privately owned islands of celebrities, and speed across waters only inches deep as Stingrays race across the bottom.

No journey into the cays is complete without feeding the always hilarious Swimming Pigs, swim through a lively reef with magnificent colors while a nearby virgin sandbar awaits your exploration.

Insider tip: Sandals Emerald Bay repeat guests often recommend to spend at least one (half) day outside of the resort to explore the island. Make sure to book tours and excursions before arrival to ensure availability.

Moriah Sea Park Adventure.

guest posing on the moriah harbor cay beach

Head over to the Exuma’s famous Moriah Harbor Cay National Park and become one with Mother Nature! Spanning across 10-miles of diverse land and sea, this park is home to reef fish, stingrays, turtles, dolphins and more! Bask in the Bahamian sun while keeping your eyes on the water, for you never know which ocean animal will swim by to say hello! Then, come face-to-face with these exotic sea-creatures as you cool off in the aquamarine sea and snorkel to your hearts content!

Exuma ATV Explorer.

guests having fun on atv ride

Explore the Exumas ATV style! Your journey begins in a convoy as you follow an experienced guide to one of the oldest churches on the island – St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, which was built on April 13, 1848. Next, hop back on your ATV and go on a journey back in time to the island’s first prison where Pompey, one of the country’s most infamous slaves was jailed. During your time spent at this stop people enjoy exploring and learning interesting facts while taking in the stunning view of the Exumian coastline.

Then it’s back on your bikes as you head to the caves at Rolleville where you will get to explore and learn about its past use by pirates. Here, you will also get to enjoy a freshly cut coconut along with baked Bahamian treats. Lastly it’s off to Cocoplum Beach where you will be mesmerized by one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and its pristine waters, all while learning about the nearby beacon formerly used by pirates to sabotage passing ships!


Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island

Reposted from Sandals Blog

By Kylie Morrow | September 30th 2019

Sandals Royal Bahamian in a nutshell

Accommodation Type: 5 star all-inclusive resort (adults-only).
Location: Nassau, the Bahamas.

Recommended airport: Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS), Nassau.
Transfer time to resort: 15 minutes.

Best Sandals resort for:
Sandals Royal Bahamian is one of the best resorts for scuba diving and comes with a private offshore island. Its proximity to the US, makes this beach resort ideal for a tropical getaway.

Atmosphere: Sophisticated.
Restaurants: 10 restaurants.

Overall review of Sandals Royal Bahamian

guests having fun on the royal bahamian

Elegant and exotic, the Sandals Royal Bahamian experience starts off on a good note even before you get to the resort itself. The Bahamas is paradise, and Sandals fits right in with its glamourous offerings for couples vacationing in that part of the world; from a private offshore island, to two sky-sized colonnaded pools and the award-winning Red Lane Spa. Of over 10,000 reviews, 78% (!) rate their stay at Sandals Royal Bahamian as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very good’.

There are lots of things guests love about Sandals Royal Bahamian, and one of those is that it is a top choice for a holiday that includes lots of great scuba diving. It is also at the top of the list for many honeymooners with their sights set on the Caribbean. But there’s more; below you’ll find three things guests love most about Sandals Royal Bahamian.

Three things guests love about Sandals Royal Bahamian

Based on real customer reviews.

1. Guests love the private offshore island

aerial view of sandals royal bahamian private island

There aren’t many resorts in the world that can boast having a private offshore island, and this is part of the lure of Sandals Royal Bahamian. The Bahamas is made up of over 700 islands, and Sandals has their very own named after the resort. On Sandals Cay, there are two secluded beaches, a Beach Club complete with a pool, whirlpool, swim-up bar, and a seafood house (Schooners restaurant). You can also expect to find some of the best snorkeling in the Bahamas, shaded hammocks, a spa, private cabanas, and a Zen garden! There’s even fire pit seating in the Zen garden, and overall the entire experience will blow you away. Boats leave from Sandals Royal Bahamian regularly to get to the private island, or you can get there on your own by kayak or sailboat.

2. Guests love the restaurants

couple enjoying dinner at the crystal room

All Sandals resorts offer world-class dining and five-star service. Crystal Room, a Mediterranean restaurant is a favorite for guests at Sandals Royal Bahamian. There’s stunning vintage Baccarat crystal chandelier that you won’t miss upon entry to this restaurant which is known for its superb seafood and great service. Menu items here are inspired by cuisine from all over the world; and you’ll find dishes like gyros, marinated roast loin of pork and lots of other varied options. The Royal Café is also a great option for lunch, especially if you want to dine somewhere super chill and eat something familiar while sipping on delicious cocktails. When the sun goes down, the Piano Bar and Crickets Pub pull a decent crowd.

Insider tip: The most popular restaurants at Sandals Royal Bahamian require a reservation. Make sure to make some dinner reservations on arrival, especially during peak season! For dress-codes and opening times, see: restaurants at Sandals Royal Bahamian.

3. Guests love the Windsor pool and its swim up bar

overview of windsor pool and swim up bar

A Caribbean resort vacation is hardly complete without amazing swimming pools to set the ambiance and to cool you off on a hot day. The Windsor Pool at Sandals Royal Bahamian is one of those spots where you can do just that. Often referred to as ‘the party pool’, there are activities going on in and out of the pool throughout the day, and there’s also an amazing swim-up bar. The Balmoral Pool is more laid back, quiet, and perfect if you want some time to yourself.

The Bahamas is a great starting point for a Caribbean vacation, and Sandals Royal Bahamian with posh accommodation like the River Pool Swim-Up Suites, the Windsor Honeymoon Hideaway Swim Up Crystal Lagoon Butler Suite and other amazing options, is the perfect complement.

Popular tours and excursion at Sandals Royal Bahamian

Island Buggy Adventure.

group of friends having fun at the island buggy adventure

Get ready for the ultimate island adventure in an off-road buggy! You’ll start your day at Cable Beach, where you will be given a brief orientation before getting on the road with your skilled guide! The first stop will be Fort Charlotte, where you’ll be able to step out and explore the historic castle and grounds. Then it’s a short journey to The Caves, a series of large limestone caverns sculpted centuries ago by the power of the waves. After that it’s lunch time at the popular Aquafire restaurant for a snack and refreshments. It’s another quick commute to your final stop, Clifton Heritage Park, the Bahamas’s largest historic and ecological park. Then it’s back in the buggy for the final ride back to Cable Beach!

Insider tip: Sandals Royal Bahamian repeat guests often recommend to spend at least one (half) day outside of the resort to explore the island. Make sure to book tours and excursions before arrival to ensure availability.

Reggae Catamaran Cruise & Beach Break.

"sol-mate" catamaran cruising through bahamian waters

Cruise along the gorgeous turquoise waters of Nassau’s coastline aboard the state-of-the-art “Sol-Mate” catamaran. Once you depart the dock and receive our safety briefing, your journey begins as we make our way to the Nassau harbor. As we cruise through the harbor you’ll get to see a number of historical landmarks, celebrity homes, large yachts and the Nassau Cruise Port.

Next, we will make our way over to one of Nassau’s best snorkeling spots just off Athol’s Island; take the plunge as you snorkel a reef teeming with exotic marine life. Afterwards the bar opens up for you to indulge in delectable appetizers and unlimited exotic cocktails while enjoying the best panoramic views you’ll ever set your eyes on.

Our final stop will be at an outer island where you can swim or relax on the beach before heading back on board. On our way back the music turns up; experience this ‘club on water’, we will party to the latest international beats from the onboard DJ before returning to dock.

Nassau SUB Adventure.

guest enjoying the sub while swimming with exotic fish around her

Experience a unique and exciting underwater journey like no other. The SUB is comparable to an underwater motorbike with a big bubble filled with a constant flow of air. Your head will be dry and your body will be wet. During your submarine adventure you will come face-to-face with brilliantly hued fish, gorgeous coral reefs and other exotic marine life. A SUB adventure combines the best of snorkeling and scuba diving all in one thrilling and memorable tour.

Expert tip: Still not sure which Sandals resort is right for you? Read ‘Which Sandals resort is best for you? The ultimate guide’ and find out!

Recent Sandals Royal Bahamian Awards

Awards Sandals Royal Bahamian won in the past 5 years alone, not counting the awards that were won by Sandals Resorts as a chain:

  • American Academy of Hospitality Sciences: Five Star Diamond Award 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.
  • World Travel Awards: The Bahamas Best Resort Spa 2017.
  • Condé Nast Traveler’s Annual Readers’ Choice 2016: Top Resort in the Atlantic.
  • World Travel Awards: Bahamas’ Leading Spa Resort 2014, 2015, 2016.
  • World Travel Awards: World’s Leading All-Inclusive Resort 2014, 2015, 2016.
  • World Travel Awards: Caribbean’s Leading Conference Hotel 2014.
  • MLT Vacations Quality Assurance Awards 2014.
  • Travel Weekly Magellan Awards 2014: Silver Award – Conference Resort.
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Bahamas Specialist Program

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