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Get down to Addu Atoll, Right on the Equator

Addu Atoll, previously known as Seenu Atoll, is the southernmost – i.e., the most
tropical – atoll in the Maldives. In fact, it almost sits right on the equator – and it’s
actually in the southern hemisphere, so watch your toilets flush in the opposite
direction! (Not really :P) Addu Atoll includes five inhabited islands, the
westernmost of which are connected by a 16-kilometre road that passes right over
the water and provides a formidable breakwater to the changing tides; water levels
can vary by half a metre. More excitingly, it’s home to the country’s second-largest
wetlands: the Eydhigali Kilhi wetlands, and the protected Koattey area on
Hithadhoo Island.

The Addu Atoll – and Addu Nature Park – are definitely worth a visit. Cycle through
the dense and vibrant green vegetation of the beautiful wetlands. Canoe or kayak
through land so low to the water that the ocean is always a force to be felt, as
“inland” as you might get! Go birding and see the migratory birds, and even bats,
who stop over in this tropical paradise. And spend some time scuba-diving or
snorkeling to see the fantastic marine life!

Let’s cover some of the main islands in this equatorial heaven:

Hulhumeedhoo, or Hulhudhoo-Meedhoo, is an absolute must-see. It’s the
fifth-largest island in the Maldives, but still – despite this – barely the land area
of New York’s Central Park. And it’s one of the country’s oldest settled islands,
first inhabited between 500 and 1000 years before the birth of Christ. Rich in
history, and with a beautiful Indian Ocean culture, visiting here is a must.

Hithadhoo is the second-largest island in the Maldives, and contains the
administrative center of the Atoll, and of the capital city – Addu city – that
stretches across it. With a rich history, and structures like the ruins of an old fort
at Koattey, the origins of which are still unclear, even to experts. In addition, the
Eydhigali Kilhi wetlands are here, an essential part of the Addu Nature Park. You
can see wild flora and fauna galore, both above and beneath the sparkling
water’s surface. It’s definitely a must-see stop on a Maldives tour.

● On the island of Gan, stay right at the equator in a resort complete with all the
amenities. From here, you can easily take a boat ride to switch into the other
hemisphere, and then switch back – and back again if you have a mind to! Other
good news is that there’s an international airport, with flights to Sri Lanka, if you
want to start or end your trip here rather than Malé.

Maradhoo, located in the middle of the road that links the atoll, is an island with
a fair amount of historical significance during WWII, used by the British (who
then owned the Maldives) as a staging area for naval warfare. Furthermore, due
to its designation as a “non-typical” Maldivian tourist place, the sorts of
experiences that you’ll have here can be quite different than at the resorts of


You haven’t seen the ocean until you’ve dived at the Maldives

The word “dive” is even in the name of the country, right?
But let’s be serious. And let’s talk about a world-class destination for water sports.
The Maldives is a country in the midst of the Indian Ocean, comprising 19,000
square kilometres, of which less than 300 are on land. Its highest point is a
staggering 5 metres above the level of the sea. In other words, welcome to the
ocean. And whether it’s diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, paddle-boating, or just lazily
floating through the reef with the fishes, the tropical paradise of the Maldives has it

Whatever you want to do in the Maldives – if there’s water involved, then it’s an
option. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, or a newlywed just
looking for a place to relax – or maybe you feel like one today, the other tomorrow.
Never fear. These beautiful, low-lying islands can give you whatever you’re after.
Here are just a few of the exciting, world-class options available on the sparkling
Maldivian waters:

● Parasailing: We’ll start with some sports that you’ve heard of, but probably
never tried. Well, it’s time to try them! Parasailing in the Maldives is incredible:
with beautiful, sapphire water and cerulean skies; it’s not an experience that
you’ll ever forget.

● Windsurfing: One of the more popular water sports in the Maldives, windsurfing
is the diva that’ll steal the thunder from the rest of your vacation. Zipping along
the crystal clear water, seeing fish or even stingrays darting below you… what’s
not to love about it? Book it through a resort that specialises in the sport for an
optimal experience.

● Flyboarding: Odds are you’ve never heard of “flyboarding.” But if you’re a
thrill-seeker, this most popular water sport in the Maldives was made for you! It
involves getting on a board which is attached to a jet ski by a hose that sends it
up into the air! And begs the question: is this really a “water” sport, or is it an
aerial one?

● Fun tubing: If the name isn’t evocative enough, imagine zipping through the
water at breakneck speeds in an inflatable raft. Yep, that’s “fun tubing”! And in
the Maldives, it’s a great option that’ll keep you close to the ground (or at least
the water’s surface!) but still offers plenty of bumpy, jouncing thrills.

● Catamaran Sailing: If you’re not so much a thrill seeker as someone who wants
some time to relax and soak in the tropical vibes, then this is for you. Take you
catamaran to one of the islands’ many deserted beaches, and spend some time
alone – or alone with your special someone.

● Snorkeling: One of the best activities in the Maldives, this needs no
introduction. Short of diving down with them, it’s the best way to view the atolls’
wonderful fauna – and it’s available almost everywhere you turn!

● Scuba diving: And last, but not least: the reason that many people come all the
way out to the Maldives. The diving opportunities here are simply unmatched in
the rest of the world. The islands’ most popular activity, you can’t pass up scuba
during your visit. And if you’ve never dived, you can learn how in one of the most
exquisite diving spots on this planet!


Make each day in the Maldives a delight for your taste buds!

There are many reasons to go to the Maldives. The turquoise waters, coming in
colours that you didn’t know even existed. The fun and thrills of your life on a
jet-ski or a “flyboard”. The pleasure of sleeping in an overwater house, lounging in
an infinity pool and soaking in the endless blue of the water and sky. The buildings
built centuries ago out of interlocking blocks of coral.

But what you may not have known is that the food of this small island nation – a
mix of countless imported cuisines, with its own tropical flair, fresh and exquisite
ingredients prepared by world-class, and sometimes celebrity, chefs – is as much a
reason to come as the scuba diving opportunities here. The Maldives is a foodie’s
heaven. So let’s find out why:

Manta Ray Treehouse
Did you expect luxury dining up in the trees? Only at the Maldives! Come to Joali
Maldives, on Muravandhoo Island, and feast on local favorites such as tuna with
chilli and lime, fish curry, and native lobster.

Four Seasons Kuda Huraa
Fancy some ethnic dining? Then head to the north of Malé Island, where you can
eat food inspired by the staples of the South Indian state of Kerala, hundreds of
kilometres east over the ocean.The excellent chefs meld Indian flavors into local
seafood, and their thalis offer a wide variety of options. If you’re in the Maldives,
it’s not something to miss.

White Orchid Restaurant,
Or maybe you fancy Chinese food. Then join chef JA Manafaru, and order
staples like wok-tossed spicy Maldivian lobster, or the “Maldives seafood hot
pot” – a wonderful blend of local and imported flavours.

So Hands On
Located on the island of Soneva Fushi, where celebrities such as Madonna and
Paul McCartney are known to frequent, this private, eight-person sushi dining
space is managed by the three-Michelin-star Japanese chef Kenji Gyoten. And –
as you might imagine – the food is unforgettable.

Shades of Green
This is – as you might guess from the name – a superb, plant-based hub in the
Maldives. Located on the same island – and in the same resort – as So Hands On,
it starts out with a sample of the produce grown right on the island itself. And it
only gets better. After you’ve eaten here, you won’t miss milk or meat, even if
you’re an omnivore!

● Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
Yes, in the Maldives you can bring delight to your taste buds even from under the
water! On Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, you’ll find this most unique
restaurant, where the walls are literally a window to the delights of the ocean.
When this opened in 2005, it was the first, and only, undersea restaurant in the
world! And the food is delicious – so much so that you might forget your unusual
setting, enraptured as your stomach becomes!


Our top ten things to do in Maldives!

In this latest edition of Paul’s Picks, I am featuring Maldives.

As always in my Top 10 lists, you will find links to information about the things to do, see, and eat in each location. I started doing lists in college to help me learn and study easier so that’s why I use them when I’m helping people learn about all the great things they can do when they travel.

Where do I get my information? It’s a mix of studying for certifications, personal experience, research, or client recommendations.

Have something more that people should know about this location? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Diving Bluetribe Moofushii

“Constance Moofushi is located in one of the archipelago’s finest dive spots, the South Ari Atoll, where guests can spot baby reef sharks just steps from the beach in the house reef. An all-inclusive setting enables guests to completely relax into the island way of life.”

2. Extreme Water Sports

“Maldives, a really beautiful place to enjoy the going-to-be best moments of life, offers a lot of adventurous kicks for tourists. Most interesting of them being watersports, loved by swimmers and non-swimmers alike. And this is why these sports draw adventure-lovers in big numbers. If this is your calling too, it’s time to pack your bags and head straight to Maldives to indulge in these wonderful and exciting water sports in Maldives.”

 3. Surfing

“When I first caught a glimpse of the Atolls from the plane above on my first trip to the Maldives back in 1996 , my first thought was  “Wow, this is the true surfers paradise.””

 4. Fishing

“So you want to go fishing in the Maldives, and you want to charter a boat and catch some fish. You’ve heard it’s a tropical paradise, but don’t have a clue about what fishing looks or works like over there. Or, you’ve already been there and have decided to give fishing a go. Worry not! This guide will cover everything you need to know.”

5. Cruise – Maldives

“The Maldives is definitely not a major destination for cruise ships. Only a handful of vessels visit the archipelago each year. But those that do often arrive as part of unusual, long-distance itineraries that will let you visit not just the Maldives but other destinations in the region such as the Seychelles and Sri Lanka in a single trip — all while only having to pack and unpack once.”

6. Visit the Male Local Market

“Shopping in Maldives becomes exciting as soon as you enter Male Local Market. This huge market is one of the most popular street markets in Maldives located on the north waterfront. A favourite of locals, this bazaar tempts foreigners as well with numerous stalls selling local handicrafts, mementos, and gift items. Kiosks selling local snacks are the highlights of these market.”

 7.   Underwater Spa & Resort

“How come the Maldives stays unique among all the other tourist destinations around the world? Simply because the private island tourism in the country has envisaged truly unbelievable things for the world. The under ocean experience in the Maldives is truly one-of-a-kind set-up with fully submerged underwater accommodation and dining positioned meters down the ocean surface. Of course, they can be costly, but worth each and every penny and effort you make to feel them. But just dining and accommodation are not all. The Maldives has stashed holistic spa arena and wine bars amidst the coral garden in here, designating colorful fishes to be your hosts. Let us introduce to you some of the five star luxury resorts in Maldives that provide underwater luxury.”

 8.  Visit Theemuge

“Today. Male’ City may just seem to be a hustling and bustling city in which you hear the traffic jams and the vehicles occupying the streets completely! Although this is so, there is way more beauty in Male’ City than you can literally comprehend! Theemuge, may not strike your ears all of a sudden but wait till you see the inexplicable wonder that shall enthrall your heart at first sight! (Theemuge, the icon of pride of Maldivians)”

 9.  Tsunami Monument

“The 26th of December 2004, is a day almost all people in South Asia remember; on this fateful day a 9.1 to 9.3 magnitude earthquake in Sumatra led to a megathrust earthquake under the sea, triggering a series of tsunamis with some waves reaching heights of up to 100 feet. Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia and India were amongst the countries affected by this natural disaster and the loss of life and destruction of property were catastrophic.

Built to remember this dark day and the lives lost, the Tsunami Monument in Male is quite a fascinating site that is worth visiting when in the Maldives.”

 10. Visit a Beach

“The sparkling blue, so clear beaches in the Maldives are the perfect romantic spots, not only for honeymooners but also for every couple who’s looking for a calming vacation! The Maldives is sprinkled with one of the finest and the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Islands within the Maldives have clean, white, fine as flour sand, beautifully embracing the round “emerald” of tropical vegetation. However, most of its beaches are untouched nestled amidst beautiful coral islands.”

Food Bonus

Your culinary experience in Maldives could be, depending on your resort, anything from haute cuisine ordered from a menu you’ve discussed with the chef in advance, to bangers and mash at the all-you-can-eat buffet in the communal dining room. What it’s unlikely to be in either case is particularly Maldivian, given the disconnection of resorts from local life. However, anyone staying in Male or on an inhabited island should take advantage of this opportunity to try real Maldivian food.

Top 10- 1200 x 628

Maldives Top 10

I am often asked how I have chosen the top 10 list, that I put up on my blog.  While in college I found it much easier to create a list when I started studying for a test or writing a term paper. Knowing that it is easy to understand why I create a top ten list, now as to how do I decide what goes on the list, simply put it is things I would like to do or have done in Maldives.  I have chosen things on this list either because I have come across them while studying for certifications, personal experience, research, or client recommendations. Each of the item on the top 10 has a link, which will open a new window for more information.

 Let us know what you think of our list in the comments below the list. 

1. Diving Bluetribe Moofushii

2. Extreme Water Sports

 3. Surfing

 4. fishing

5. Cruise – Maldives

6. Visit the Male Local Market

 7.   Underwater Spa & Resort

 8.  Visit Theemuge

 9.  Tsunami Monument

 10. Visit a Beach

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1,192 Islands! Start with Five

The Maldives is an incredible country, comprising over one thousand islands, two
hundred of which are inhabited. It’s a destination that – despite its rich offerings –
is actually new on the global tourism scene. But it’s not to be overlooked!
Now, maybe you don’t have time to visit 1,192 islands! But let’s start with five:

Malé Island

The location of the capital city – and the main international airport – this island is a
must. But don’t just land here and then run off to your next destination. Spend some
time soaking in the history here – in the Grand Friday Mosque, built in 1658 out of
coral stone, and hearkening back to the age of the sultanate. Soak in the sights and
sounds (and maybe the smells too!) of the Malé Fish Market – an essential hub for
the locals, many of whom get their sustenance from the ever-present ocean that
surrounds them. Lounge at the luxurious beaches, in a glamour that’s not to be

Biyadhoo Island

Biyadhoo Island is a scuba-diver’s paradise. This densely vegetated, city-less island
is where nature thrives – particularly in the water, as the island is quite close to
many of the country’s best diving spots. And not only does it boast world-class
scuba, but there are a range of other water sports, and countless opportunities for
thrills. Or, if you prefer to relax, most of this island is made up of the splendid
Biyadhoo Resort – a delightful spot to relax and soak in the tropical sun!

Alimatha Island

No visit to the Maldives is complete without a stop at Alimatha island, a treasure
trove of wonderful resorts and spas. Come here and truly unwind by getting an
ayurvedic massage, at one of the expert-run massage centres. Or relax at a lovely
beach bungalow, or an over-the-water property where you can stare down beneath
your floor and see the tropical fish drift lazily past. And then, of course, for the thrill
seekers you can find excellent scuba, windsurfing, canoeing, and cat sailing!

Como Cocoa Island

The entire, tiny Como Cocoa Island is a blissful resort – but not just your everyday
luxury stay. All of the suites here aren’t built on land, but over the water – where
you can not only see, but live in, the beautiful turquoise lagoon off the edge of the
island. Get out of the city, and away from civilisation, and spend some moments of
truly blissful – and truly quiet – contemplation. A visit to this island isn’t something
that you’ll ever forget – so make memories that will last for your lifetime.

Vihamanafushi Island

Don’t worry about trying to pronounce “Vihamanafushi” – just let a local guide take
you there! This fabulous island is home to Kurumba Beach, where you can find the
Kurumba Maldives Resort. Which is an excellent destination for honeymooners, or
anyone who just wants to chill at the beach, with a wide range of activities and
entertainment. Best of all? It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the international

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Maldives Destination Specialization

The Maldives makes for one of the most exotic Holiday Destinations on the planet. It is frequently chosen for a Honeymoon, destination wedding and even renewing vows. Although visited largely by couples, Maldives indeed has a lot of leisure for families with kids and teens as well. With 99.9% of land under water, white sandy beaches, year-round sunshine, and isolation of missing motor sounds, Maldives provides an unforgettable experience to its visitors.

TBO Academy is an initiative of World’s only B2A Travel company – TBO-Group. It is an exclusive learning platform for Travel Agents and Travel Trade Partners. The platform is an empowering tool for TBO Group partners and hence available to them for free of charge. In a short period, the popularity of TBO Academy has grown enough to attract travel professionals beyond TBO’s partner base, as well as students of Travel and Tourism institutes.

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Gulha is the national dish of Maldives, a deep-fried pastry ball filled with smoked fish such as Maldive fish or tuna, along with desiccated coconut and onions. The snacks are usually sold at small cafés known as hotaa, or in shops scattered throughout the island


1 cup smoked tuna – diced/sliced, 1/4 cup coconut – scraped/grated, 1/2 Scotch bonnet (githeyo mirus) – finely chopped, 1/4 cup curry leaves – finely chopped, 1/2 cup onion – finely sliced, 1cloves garlic – pressed/grated/very finely chopped, 1 tsp ginger – grated, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, Salt to taste, 1 cups flour – sifted,1 tsp salt, 1/4 cup vegetable oil, Warm water, Vegetable oil


1 Squash the onions, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, chilies, lemon juice, turmeric powder and salt.

2 Add the tuna and coconut, and mix into a thick paste-like mixture.

3 Shape the mixture into small marble-sized balls.

For the dough

4 Add the oil and salt into the flour.

5A dd warm water and knead until you have a dry, smooth dough. Add the water gradually to make sure the dough does not turn out too sticky.

6 Shape the pieces of dough into cups and place filling inside; then close the cups and smooth into balls.

7 Deep fry over medium/low heat until brown and crisp.

Different Recipe

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