Our top ten things to do in Jamaica!

In this latest edition of Paul’s Picks, I’m featuring JAMAICA.

As always in my Top 10 lists, you will find links to information about the things to do, see, and eat in each location. I started doing lists in college to help me learn and study easier so that’s why I use them when I’m helping people learn about all the great things they can do when they travel.

Where do I get my information? It’s a mix of studying for certifications, personal experience, research, or client recommendations.

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 1. Dunn’s River Falls

“Dunn’s River Falls is unique, and just like Reggae, the 180 foot high and 600 foot long landmark is world famous. It stands as a living testament to Jamaica’s natural beauty and is the most popular of all the Jamaican falls, attracting millions of the world’s visitors each year.”

 2. Devon House

“The original Devon House Ice Cream Parlor is on the grounds of Devon House in Kingston, home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire. If you are in Kingston, it is worth a visit. There is something special about eating Devon House ice cream and walking about the property’s gorgeous grounds. It is almost like a Sunday afternoon ritual for some locals.”

 3. Dolphin Cove

“How many people have “swim with dolphins” on their bucket list? Plenty of people all share the same dream of interacting with these wonderful creatures. The great news is, when you visit
Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, you can turn that dream into a reality.”

 4. Bob Marley Museum, Kingston

“If you ever needed a reason to visit Jamaica other than the pristine beaches and tropical waterfalls, you could try checking out Jamaica’s most-visited attraction: The Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. Bob Marley is arguably the most famous Jamaican who ever lived, and his music still reverberates around the island, creating the real soundtrack of the country. The music he created is essential to Jamaican culture.”

 5. Bamboo Rafting on the Martha Brae River

“There is a legend about home Martha Brea got its name from a folk tale of a witch who was Taino — beaten by Spanish settlers to disclose the location of a hidden chest of gold along the river. She eventually told them where the gold was then used her magic to change the path of the river, which made it hard for the hunters to find the gold. The entrance to the cave was closed by her, which is where the gold was buried, even now.”

 6. Great Houses

“These houses are today, arguably the most prominent and tangible remaining symbol of the plantation era. The Jamaica National Heritage Trust has declared several of them National Monuments, as they serve to highlight the importance of the plantation era.”

 7. Green Grotto Caves

“The Green Grotto caves played a large part in Jamaican history. They are believed to have been used as dwellings for the first inhabitants of the island, Arawak Indians known as the Tainos.”

 8. Enjoy the Beaches of Jamaica

“Wondering which part of Jamaica has the best beaches? This Caribbean island is known for its friendly people, warm climate, and in particular, its amazing beaches. It can be difficult to know which spots to check out while on the island, and especially which beaches are worth exploring, but ahead of your trip, we’ve put together a full listing of the 23 best beaches in Jamaica that will grant you that tropical beach experience you’ve always dreamed about.”

 9. Floyd’s Pelican Bar

“A trip to Jamaica wouldn’t be complete without having a Red Stripe at Floyd’s Pelican Bar. No matter if you are staying in Negril, Ocho Rios, or Montego Bay it’s worth a day trip. It’s one of our favorite things to do in Jamaica. No other bar will ever compare. After several visits, we’ve put together everything you need to know when visiting the Pelican Bar in Jamaica.”

 10. Bobsled through the Mystic Mountains

“I lowered myself into a slick-looking bobsled, jet black with the Jamaican flag stripes down the side, and positioned my hand on the brake levers to my left and right. Could I really do this? Would I crash spectacularly like the Jamaican bobsledding team did so famously at the 1988 Olympics? ” 

 Food Bonus

“The mere mention of the words ‘Jamaican food’ can inspire the need to teleport right back to the amazing restaurant that stirred your love for the popular Jamaican cuisine in the first place. There’s just something about the seasoning and spices used in this type of Caribbean cooking that can turn even the toughest critic into the most mellow foodie, and this will likely be your experience once you find that Jamaican dish that resonates with your soul… or your palate.”

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