Greece Travel Guide

For most people, the history of Greece sort of ends after the ancient days. But this incredible country did not just vanish! Long a stronghold of monks – and, later, Ottomans – Greece has an incredible, varied history in the early centuries AD. Add some of these sites onto your Greek tour. See the monastery built on the site where Saint John the Evangelist was inspired to write the last book of the Bible. Visit Meteora, a cliff where monks lived for centuries. Take in all of Greek history – and book a tour to see the more “modern” parts of it, too.


Mexico Travel Guide

Whether you're a hardcore adventurer or you prefer your vacations to include a beach, a pool, and a spa - ideally in the same complex- the country of Mexico has exactly what you're looking for. From the world-class beaches, outstanding coral reefs, and high-end dining at Cozumel to the brilliant ruins at Tulum of Chichen Itza, Mexico has such a blend of amazing destinations that it will leave any visitor in complete awe. So book a trip to Mexico, today - and prepare to be absolutely blown away by this awesome country!


Maldives Guide

If you love water, and you love adventure, then you should book a trip to the Maldives today. This water-filled archipelago (with less than 300 square km of its 90,000 on solid land) is a water adventurer’s paradise. Jet-ski? Absolutely! Or, if you prefer to move a bit slower, try canoeing with local guides. Snorkeling, and some of the best scuba in the seven seas? Look no further! The Maldives contains a plethora of these things, and more. It’s a must-see place for anyone who loves the ocean – whatever you want to do on the waves.

Dubai Travel Guide


When you think of Dubai, you might not think of the beach. But this bizarre destination – with impossibly tall buildings, unbelievable indoor attractions, and malls that’ll melt any shopper’s heart – is right on the coast, and home to some of the best waterfront experiences. Entertainment, dining, water sports, or just cabanas for hire – Dubai’s beaches have it all. Plus proximity to the ten thousand things that this amazing city offers. Why not book a trip there?

Historical Europe Travel Guide


When Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea”, she wasn't wrong. Paris has always been remembered and renowned as the city of love. A destination that is full of exceptional surprises like Paris Disneyland, the Eiffel Tower, the River Seine to sit back and relax, away from your ordinary day to day life. Come along to experience the beauty of this love city of Europe with us, getting to know new places, languages and pleasing sights, and delicious eateries on the way.